Costa Rican Violinist Surprised Voters at the Embassy in Berlin With “La Patriótica Costarricense”

    A special moment that went viral on social media

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    The brief recital that a violinist offered spontaneously to a group of voters at the embassy in Berlin, Germany, spread like wildfire on social networks this weekend.The man responsible for this emotional moment is called André Robles Campo, a Costa Rican who has lived in the Teutonic nation for 10 years.

    This native of Curridabat said that he drove five hours from Munich to the German capital to cast his vote.And it is that the day before he offered two recitals in that city on the occasion of the release of his album. This material was recorded together with the compatriot Carlos Alberto Castro, guitarist and who lives in Austria.

    A special moment… and viral

    On Sunday, this violinist went to vote at the Costa Rican embassy in Berlin.This because hours later he had a presentation with the Berlin Opera, where he is part as the first violinist.And when he arrived at the legation with violin in hand, everything flowed spontaneously to the tenor of “La Patriotica Costarricense”.

    Campo added that the moment was captured on video by several Costa Ricans, who later shared it on their social networks.This young man – who began his studies at the UCR and later finished them in Germany – called on Costa Ricans to go to the polls this April 3rd to vote.

    Fulfilling a civic right and duty

    He gave the example of many Costa Ricans who travel thousands of kilometers to fulfill a civic right and duty.He regretted, therefore, that there are thousands of Costa Ricans on national soil who do not vote, even if they have the ballot box almost around the corner from the house, he said.In total, 50,800 Costa Ricans were registered abroad to elect President, Vice president and Deputies this past Sunday.

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