Costa Rican Surfer “Cali” Muñoz Climbs to the Top 10 of the World

    This Is His Best Score as of 2019

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    The Costa Rican surfer, Carlos Muñoz, managed to finish 2nd in the Claro Open Pro – Copa Tubos tournament, played at Playa Señoritas, in Peru. The Tico athlete reached the final against Gatien Delahaye. However, he ended up losing in a great duel.

    “Cali”, as he is better known, got 13.93 points, thanks to 2 maneuvers that generated 7 and 6.93 units; while, the French surfer finished with 14.50 (5.67 and 8.83).

    “Cali” Muñoz performing one of his maneuvers on the wave’s top

    “I am very happy, I would have liked to win, but Iam happy because it is the 2nd final of a tournament of 3,000 points that I managed to make in my career”, Muñoz said on the international broadcast of the event.

    This 2nd place allows the Costa Rican to climb to the 10th place in the ranking of the World Qualification Series (WQS). This ladder will give at the end of the year 10 places to reach the World Series, which is the exclusive tour where only the best surfers in the world compete (no surfer man from Costa Rica has ever managed to arrive there).

    “I hope to qualify for the World Series, I’m going home, spending some time with my family, training, and then I am going to Japan to a tournament of 6,000 points. It is halfway through the year and I hope to continue achieving finals”, Muñoz said.

    Thanks to the 2,250 points he obtained in Peru, now he adds 5,170 units. However, he needs to keep accumulating points to defend box 10. Behind him, in 11th place is the American, Cam Richards, with 4,970 points. The next competition of the Costa Rican will be from April 29th to May 5th, 2019, at the Ichinomiya Chiba Open, in Japan.

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