Costa Rican Students with Social Risks Will Have More Possibilities of Joining the Labor Market

    CEDES Don Bosco created a Revolving Fund to ensure young people training and insertion into the work force

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    Young people at social risk, mainly those located in the southern zone of Costa Rica, this year will have the opportunity to specialize in technical areas that respond to what the labor market is currently demanding.

    All of the above for free, ensuring the development of soft skills and competencies in a short time and under a system created by CEDES Don Bosco that will facilitate their hiring after the training cycle.

    The Don Bosco Plus project will allow this training process to be adapted to the rhythm of the productive sector, and it will be a reality thanks to the fact that this organization won a prize of $ 25,000 granted by the Yo Me Uno collection platform of BAC Credomatic.

    Project into the future

    “CEDES Don Bosco, for many, is considered a machine for making dreams, dreams that are needed to live and project into the future. The Don Bosco Plus 2.0 program is a valuable dream that comes true thanks to the interest in creating better opportunities for our students, and this opportunity on the part of the BAC Credomatic, came at the right moment where we hope to expand our mission and seek allies who will support this initiative. Faced with the challenges we face as human beings and as a society, finding companies that contribute to the hope of a better future will change the landscape and give new strength to continue fighting for our young people”, said Stephanie Vargas, coordinator of the Center for the Development of Competencies of CEDES Don Bosco.

    This organization will work hand in hand with CINDE and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica to determine what the productive sector is requiring, as well as map and approach companies that require personnel with a certain degree of technical specialization.

    Opening opportunities

    “Our Competency Development Center (CDC) through the Don Bosco Plus 2.0 Program will open the opportunity to graduated middle technicians, including from other institutions of the secondary technical education system, to develop specific and pertinent competencies that form an effective gear in the full cycle of job placement: recruitment – employability – retention.

    The program is accompanied by a financial mechanism (Revolving Fund) that is intended to prevent the limited economic aspect that the beneficiaries who are served may have from being an impediment. On the contrary, Don Bosco Plus 2.0 aims to be an enhancer of human talent and an activator of the economy through quantifiable and conclusive results in the employability of the young people we are targeting”, Mentioned Christian Jiménez, administrator of CEDES Don Bosco.

    In this way, when the student manages to place himself in the labor market, he will cancel the agreed percentage of the money that the training received, so that this is reinvested in other young people and thus, the program continues. For each cycle completed, 36 students will benefit and can be replicated in other Salesian works in the country.

    Community development

    “At BAC Credomatic we want Non-Governmental Organizations linked to community development to improve their management capacity, which is why the Yo Me Uno program was born in 2015. As part of the initiatives that we promote through this platform, there is the Contest Innovative Projects, which has awarded 3 economic prizes, benefiting the execution of projects in the 3 years of existence of the contest. In 2020, CEDES Don Bosco was the winner of the first place with its ‘Don Bosco Plus’ project, thus allowing them to carry out this project that will undoubtedly have a transcendental impact on the social progress of our communities”, explained Laura Moreno, vice president of BAC Credomatic Corporate Relations.

    The Don Bosco Plus project will start from the second half of the year.

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