Music Festival in Costa Rica: Credomatic Brings Outstanding Latin, European and Baltic Musicians

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Eight groups and soloists will participate this year in the Credomatic Music Festival. There are three in particular that no one should miss: the Juvenile Accordion Orchestra of Baden Württemberg, the organist Martin Arndt Henzelmann and the violinist Gidon Kremer.

    These artists count with indisputable recognition and are the highlights of the music festival, which will take place between August 3rd and 18th in theaters and auditoriums around the country.

    The youngest musicians belong to the Juvenile Accordion Orchestra of Baden Württemberg, aged between 16 and 27 years and considered the best accordionists in Germany. This orchestra has performed in the five continents with a contemporary music repertoire as well as works by famous composers such as Dmitri Shostakovich, Georges Bizet and Alberto Ginastera. Its director Silke D’Inka is a member of the German Federal Accordion Orchestra and winner of various national and international awards.

    From the same country comes the young church music specialist Martin Henzelmann Arndt, who will continue one of the most iconic traditions of this festival by playing the tubular organ. The musician, who has played in the Basilica Marie in Stuttgart, in the Market Church in Hanover and with Cologne Philharmonic, will perform at the Metropolitan Cathedral and Las Mercedes  Church, in Grecia. He will play works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Pachelbel, Felix Mendelssohn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Josef Rheinberger, Antonin Dvorak and Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens.

    This selection of main courses will also count with the presence of Latvian Gidon Kremer, winner of the prestigious 1970 Tchaikovsky competition, and who has spent 62 of his 66 years on the violin.

    The artist, considered by renowned conductor Herbert von Karajan as “the best violinist in the world”, will participate in a single concert on August 10 at the National Theatre and will be accompanied by the Kremerata Baltica, a group of 23 young people from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia created and directed by him. They will perform a repertoire of works by composers such as Philip Glass, Antonio Vivaldi, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Astor Piazzolla.

    The Colombian pianist Teresita Gomez, who has over 50 years of experience, as well as the  Italian duo Euterpe, first place winner in more than eight competencies, will also participate. In addition, the American duo Weiss Mery and Korean quintet Aulos, will complete the list of musicians.

    In total 70 artists are expected to participate, who will show their talent in one of the most outstanding presentations of Credomatic in its 23 years.

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