6 Churches To Visit In Costa Rica At Any Time

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    If you ever visit the Ticos’ country, you can’t fail to drop by the different churches in Costa Rica. No matter the season of the year or if it is Easter season, going to one of these architectonic monuments is an enjoyable thing. People can go sightseeing, worship or simply to learn more about the Costa Rican culture.

    Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles Basilica

    This amazing church is located in Cartago and it is popular thanks to the worship of La Virgen de Los Angeles also known as La Negrita. The holy lady is the main reason for many church-goers to attend the basilica every year on August 2nd. The story about the supernatural apparition is impressive, and it’s part of the people’s tradition in Cartago, who strongly believe in the small black sacred Lady’s sculpture.

    Iglesia de Coronado (Coronado Church)

    The architectonic design of this church is based on the French and German gothic style, a good combination of both elements. It is also an ideal site for a walk to behold galleries that resemble those of the Nuestra Señora del Paris. The columns of Coronado Church were constructed following the frame pattern of the Colonia Church in Germany. The building also counts on a needle-shaped tower settled in the façade.

    Zarcero Church

    The church is located in a town that goes by the same name. The area is colorful and has a cottage style which attracts a lot of visitors every year. Its interior is full of paintings related to saints, and angels. There is a beautiful garden with a pathway that leads to the entrance of the church. Two of the main attractions of Zarcero church are the shrubs and the hedges which were delicately carved to liven up the place.

    Santo Domingo Guzmán Basilica

    Santo Domingo Guzman is another picturesque church you must visit once you step off the plane in Costa Rica. It is in middle of San Jose and Heredia, surrounded by a small village where visitors stay to relax and overnight.

    This church was built based on a neoclassic colonial style which makes it a very cozy place. This basilica is also the center of many annual religious activities.

    San Jose de Orosí Church

    The church was built in Cartago and it’s known as one of the oldest buildings in Costa Rica due to the fact that it was constructed three centuries ago when Costa Rica was still in the hands of the settlers. In 1920, this place was declared Historic and Architectonic Heritage. In the same way, in 1985, it was declared National Monument and at the present time, it counts on a religious art museum.

    San Juan Bosco Church

    San Juan Bosco Church is located in a small Costa Rican town named La Fortuna and represents one of the most historically important sites of the country. As it is built in a village, San Juan Bosco church is usually the landmark of the local inhabitants and visitors. The best aspect of this architectonical monument is the great view it offers from the square in the central park.

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