Costa Rican Family Company Develops Organic Chlorine in Tablets

The Product Does Not Fade Colored Clothes, Is Not Corrosive, Its Smell Dissipates Quickly and Is Not Toxic

From a molecule different from that of regular chlorine, a family of Alajuelan entrepreneurs, whose parents are chemists by profession, managed to develop organic chlorine in effervescent tablets in contact with water.

It does not fade colored clothes, it is not corrosive, its smell dissipates quickly, it is not toxic; also, it serves to purify water, and for your pet bath… Does it sound like a magic formula? Well, probably because it is chlorine in effervescent tablets: “SuperTabs”.

Organic chlorine presentation

This revolutionary product, which is already being used in industries, hospitals, and even the Costa Rican Red Cross for the maintenance and cleaning of its facilities, is manufactured by Exenos, a national and family micro-company, constituted by Bernal Rodríguez and Eugenia Corrales, who also have the commercial guide of their daughter, Eugenia Rodríguez.

It is organic chlorine, caustic soda-free -better known as potash- and for that reason, the product does not discolor clothing or any type of textiles, nor it is corrosive for use in metallic equipment, and does not damage human or animal skin.

“I grew up in a home of entrepreneurs. The company was created by my parents -both with great experience in the chemical industry– and one day they decided that they could make innovative and environmentally-friendly products. The learning curve was strong; it was not always easy, but the best opportunities come out of crises. New products were born and the most recent is SuperTabs”, explains Eugenia Rodríguez, founder and commercial director of Exenos.

It is no accident that this chlorine, born from a local SME, managed to get the approval of the Center for Research in Tropical Diseases (CIET) of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and if that were not enough, it has the backing of international organizations such as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So, actually, we do not talk about any chlorine.

Once the tablets are deposited in 1 gallon of water, a time of 30 minutes is given and you will get active organic chlorine, with a useful life of up to 48 continuous days, in contrast to the traditional one that loses its properties with light or movement.

SuperTabs comes in 1-gallon presentation with an envelope with 5 tablets or only the envelope with its 5 tablets, with the great advantage that 1 single tablet allows making 1 gallon of chlorine. Happily, it can be purchased at main stores in Costa Rica since last July 22nd.

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