Costa Rica, the Giant of Clean Energy, Ocean Protection and Decarbonization

    The small country in Central America is 100% renewable energy

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    Costa Rica does not like to talk much, it likes to lead by example, were the words of the young President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, during a brief but consistent presentation held at the prestigious Altlantic Council think tank.

    President Alvarado reminded that today’s success in Costa Rica is the fruit of the effort and sacrifice of different administrations, which regardless of the political trend, promoted for almost three decades the protection of oceans, forests and natural parks, power generation geothermal, wind and solar.

    National Decarbonization Plan

    The president highlighted that in 2019 his administration launched the National Decarbonization Plan based on 10 pillars that include clean energy generation, efficient electric transport, circular economy and responsible and creative management of solid waste, other aspects that have made it an analysis model in countries large and small worldwide.

    Alvarado said without hesitation that “decarbonization is a good business, which is not only good for the environment but also for the economy” so they project more than 45 billion dollars in net benefits in the next 2 decades.

    The change of the energy matrix is not a promise, it is an irrefutable fact. Costa Rica has made progress on issues that for some countries are still controversial or sinful, such as a 100% renewable energy matrix thanks to hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal.

    The protection of the oceans a goal dated on the calendar

    On January 11th, the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People (HAC) was officially launched, whose goal is to conserve 30% of the land and sea surface by 2030, stop the massive loss species and protect key ecosystems for human and nature well-being.

    Led jointly by Costa Rica and France, with the United Kingdom as co-leader on maritime issues, this initiative is revolutionizing the world and protecting life in the oceans. Costa Rica hopes by the end of 2021 to have reached this goal, as the young President said “leading by example.”

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