Costa Rica, the Country Blessed with Abundance of Natural Parks

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    Faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic, many countries in the world have been paralyzed, in confinement, fearful but hopeful. Have you wondered what you will do after this situation passes, where will you go within Costa Rica?

    Did you know that Costa Rica is the country of National Natural Parks?

    Approximately 30 national parks are registered in the country, in addition to various biological and forest reserves. That is, there are many options to visit. By the way, August is the month in which National Parks Day is celebrated in the country, a very significant date, and also Park Rangers Day is celebrated.

    How interesting are these two dates?

    “A National Park is a category of protected area, which enjoys a certain legal status, that allows to protect and conserve the biodiversity found in it.” In 1970 Costa Rica created its network of national parks, which is administered by the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), since 1994, it is a department of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in charge of maintenance, organization and strategic planning for all protected areas in the country. All these natural areas, full of species of animals, flora and a spectacle of landscapes, are taken into account for both national and international tourism, research and education.

    Costa Rica is a happy country!

    Every year National Parks Day comes with surprises for the country. In 2016, a budget of US $ 3 million was assigned to the park administration for the salaries of park rangers, which would then allow parks to freely use the income from tickets, either for investments or improvements in facilities.

    In 2018, the Costa Rican Government expanded the Rincón de la Vieja National Park and regulated the use of plastic in public institutions. Last year 2019, authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, reported that at least five protection areas and wildlife refuges would soon have the category of national park.

    Among one of the areas are those protected in Golfito, the transformation of various lands owned by the State in the Savegre river basin; a protective zone in Turrubares, and another in Moín. And, in 2020 Costa Rica declared its 30th national park: Isla San Lucas, a decision voted unanimously by all the Costa Rican deputies.

    It is worth noting that this was a proposal presented by deputy Carlos Ricardo Benavides of the PLN. The main objectives of this initiative are the sustainable administration of a unique territory, which has a wealth of history, archeology, architecture, marine life, fauna, forest, and beach, all on the same island.

    And the work continues

    In Costa Rica, specialists have studied the transformation of 10,000 hectares of the 60,000 that make up the Maquenque Wildlife Refuge, to turn them into a national park, taking advantage of the richness of its wetlands.

    The National Parks have been and are the engine of the Costa Rican economy, the country is a world reference in this regard. In short, after this Pandemic, you have the option of visiting San Lucas Island or visiting other parks such as Manuel Antonio, one of the most visited. The Guanacaste National Park, which contains 35,200 hectares of dry tropical forests and savannas.

    Don’t forget to go to the Poás Volcano National Park or the Tapantí National Park, considered one of the largest in the country. There is a variety, you have to choose from, but above all to protect, value, and make known to the world. Costa Rica is a reference, it is biodiversity, it is good people, just like you.

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