Costa Rica Strengthens Its Offer Of Wellness Tourism

    A paradise for detoxifying from stress

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    Costa Rica has all the necessary conditions to establish itself as a paradise that allows visitors to detoxify from stress and daily hustle and bustle”, stated the Minister of Tourism Gustavo J. Segura.

    Projects designed to strengthen the supply of wellness tourism in the northern part of the country may compete for a portion of a $ 120,000 fund from the Rediscover Costa Rica Program of the Costa Rica United States of America Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA).

    The initiative was coordinated with the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) to link it with the Wellness Pura Vida Strategy, whose purpose is to position the country as a wellness destination and contribute to the development of products with a Costa Rican identity such as spa, massages, water thermals, physiotherapies, hydrotherapies, sleep therapies, rest, silence, earthing, forest therapies, healthy and balanced diet; all in contact with the natural environment.

    Boosting the wellness tourism industry

    The contest is exclusive for projects that are developed in areas such as Sarapiquí, San Carlos, Los Chiles, Upala, Río Cuarto and the district of Peñas Blancas de San Ramón. Each winner will receive up to $ 10,000 to implement their project, contribute to the community’s tourism revival, and boost the wellness tourism industry. Resources cannot be used for expenses such as salaries, purchase of land, vehicles or other assets.

    Small and medium-sized companies interested in applying for their projects must first participate in an induction process, in which experts will explain the Wellness Concept applied to tourism, the elements that make it up, the opportunities it represents and how the chains can be incorporated or strengthened. productive around wellness tourism.

    Flora Montealegre, Executive Delegate of the CRUSA Foundation, pointed out that the objective of Rediscover Costa Rica is to promote actions that contribute to the design of a Sustainable Tourism and Well-being strategy, based on principles of sustainability, trust and local economic development. This element coincides with all the actions carried out by CRUSA to promote the transformation of the country towards a more sustainable, inclusive and innovative economy.

    “The Program acquires great importance after the contraction of the tourism sector for this year, projected by the Monetary Policy Report of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, which indicates a 4.2% drop in the activity of Hotels and Restaurants. These resources can help companies dedicated to tourism in the north of the country to reactivate their economies, generate productive chains and be able to sustain themselves in the tourist offer”, indicated Montealegre.

    An ideal destination to recharge energy

    The Rector Minister of Tourism, Gustavo J. Segura, said that Costa Rica has the clear purpose and slogan of positioning itself as an ideal destination to recharge energy and as a natural sanctuary to connect with the essential values of life, which is why Rediscover Costa Rica from the Crusa Foundation and the Wellness Pura Vida from ICT become a perfect marriage.

    “Costa Rica has all the necessary conditions to establish itself as a paradise that allows visitors to detoxify from stress and daily hustle and bustle, in an involvement with the environment that allows unique and unrepeatable tourist wellness activities,” added Minister Segura.

    Montealegre concluded: “This time we are committed to supporting and promoting wellness tourism initiatives, not only because of its economic potential, but also because we are convinced of the importance of generating well-being in this era of Pandemic and post-Pandemic. There have been many months of confinement and restrictions that generate stress in people, for them the wellness tourism offer represents a great opportunity to find well-being and health, products that our country can offer ”.

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