Costa Rica Seeks To Create The First Circular Economy Public Policy In The Region

    Allowing spaces to present circular economy business models and extended producer responsibility

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    CEGESTI Foundation organizes a workshop where international guests will present experiences on the circular economy. The circular economy offers benefits such as: socioeconomic growth, environmental well-being, optimization of resources, reduction of the consumption of raw materials and use of waste.

    Costa Rica set out to build the first circular economy public policy in the region, and with it, be an international environmental benchmark. For this reason, on November 24th and 25th, it will hold the workshop “Public policies in circular economy: A new vision on resource management, business models and the prevention of marine waste”.

    Those who wish to participate in the workshop should only register. The event will be at the Barceló San José Palacio Hotel, and will have the participation of international guests from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, among others.


    It is organized by the PROMAR project and executing partners such as Adelphi Consultores, Fundación de Gestión Tecnológica e Informática Industrial (CEGESTI), Abrelpe, Parley, Socya. Its objectives are: to promote regional exchange on this topic, as an instrument for the sustainable management of resources; publicize experiences of circular economy solutions, and obtain the perspective of national actors on the principles of this area.

    Daira Gómez, executive director of CEGESTI, commented that “the country has a historical tradition in environmental policies that today allow us to take a step forward, which is the implementation of a circular economy policy and strategy. What in a few words, processes production and work routes, of which values ​​and ecological awareness are at each stage to guarantee more conscious and harmonious consumption with the environment”.

    The activity will have spaces to present circular economy business models and extended producer responsibility, the prevention of marine waste, the role of municipalities, among others.

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