Costa Rica Presents Its Educational Offer at NAFSA 2021 Fair

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    In order to show Costa Rica’s higher education offer to attract foreign students, cc This is the 7th time that the sector has participated in this fair that gathers together an educational community from more than 100 countries.

    The participating universities are: Santa Paula University, Veritas University, UIA, LEAD University, San José University, UNIBE, Hispano-American University, Central University, Latin University of Costa Rica, Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT), University International San Isidro Labrador, Technological Institute of Costa Rica, INCAE, UCreativa, and Fundepos.

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    The national delegation is promoting Costa Rica as an ideal destination for foreign students to take short courses, faculty-led programs, internships, alliances, double degrees, tailor-made programs, summer programs, as well as teacher and student mobility and research in set; all with a focus on sustainability and technology as a competitive advantage of the country.

    Alvaro Piedra, PROCOMER Export Director, stated that, after the fair was not held the previous year due to the pandemic, this year it was held 100% virtual and the response from the education sector has been very positive:

    “In this 7th participation in NAFSA, we have the largest delegation in history: 15 universities. Thanks to this virtuality, which is a new way of doing business and strategic alliances, we can offer a robust platform to the education sector: a country stand that has allowed them to have nearly 200 meetings with educational centers such as the University of California , University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Iowa State University, University of Dallas, San Diego State University, Cambridge Assessment International Education, University of Washington Continuum College, DePauw University, South Dakota State University, Catholic University of Valencia, University of Innsbruck, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, among others”, mentioned Piedra.

    What role does NAFSA play for Costa Rica’s national universities?

    NAFSA 2021 provides national universities the opportunity to learn, participate and create networks for international education professionals; as well as developing the knowledge, skills, and ideas they need to better serve their institution, advance their professional development, and network effectively with colleagues around the world. They can also have meetings with universities, colleges, consortia, agencies and representatives of the education sector from around the world.

    “For Universidad Santa Paula, being part of one of the most recognized conferences on the subject of international education represents a great opportunity, not only to generate valuable connections, but also as an excellent space for training and professional growth for those of us who dedicate ourselves to such an important sector. PROCOMER’s support has been key, since without them many institutions would not be able to access these experiences that allow us to position the Costa Rican offer of our higher education at an international level”, commented Verónica Castro, Director of the International Cooperation Office of that educational center.

    For her part, María José Calderón, from the Central University, added that NAFSA represents the perfect opportunity to achieve and develop the international projection plans of its represented company. “It allowed us to create an excellent networking environment in which the doors were opened to new alliances and cooperation projects. Thanks to NAFSA we will strengthen the programs we offer to University students and we will be able to provide a global education experience”.

    Finally, Adrianne Pacheco, Coordinator of International Programs of the Universidad Hispanoamericana, commented that through participation in NAFSA they will continue to generate value for education in the country with update talks, search for new opportunities and positioning Costa Rica as an educational destination. “In the midst of the pandemic due to the closure of borders and skepticism about traveling, at the UH we continue to offer international exposure for our community with virtual strategies and the alliances generated in previous editions of NAFSA and other international networking efforts”.

    Virtual Trade Mission for Education

    In parallel to NAFSA, from May 17th to June 16th, 2021, a Virtual Trade Mission for Education will be carried out in the United States, with the participation of 8 institutions and around 50 business meetings between universities and Spanish schools in Costa Rica with US universities, colleges and agencies.

    The United States Department of State reported that, prior to the pandemic, more than 1,100 Costa Ricans studied in US higher education institutions annually and more than 8,000 American students study in Costa Rica each year. In addition, they highlighted that Costa Rica is one of the main destinations in Latin America for United States study programs.

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