Vaginismus: What It Is and How to Cope with It

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    Vaginismus is a female sexual dysfunction. The muscles around the vagina contract involuntarily. This causes a partial or total closure of it, causing pain and making penetration impossible.

    Pain caused by vaginismus can also be caused by inserting a tampon. It can even arise due to the gynecological examination, which is why, many times, patients decide not to seek medical help.

    In reality, this disorder is not rare and it is suffered by many, many women in the world. We must talk about vaginismus without shame. It is a medical disorder that is, like any other disorder, treatable and has a solution.

    What Causes Vaginismus?

    This problem can cause psychological disorders such as anxiety, frustration, guilt, and also troublesome relationships.

    The causes of vaginismus can be physical such as endometriosis; tightness of the vagina; or anatomical alterations in the pelvis. However, most of the causes are psychological, such as anticipatory penetration anxiety, fear of pregnancy, a history of assaults or abuse, or negative self-image.

    On the other hand, vaginismus can be worked on, first of all, by understanding that it is a medical condition that requires treatment both physically and psychologically, and even erotically. Understanding and patience on both sides of the couple is, without a doubt, of the utmost importance.

    Effective treatment

    The treatment of this condition usually involves psychological therapy, relaxation techniques and the use of progressive vaginal dilators to break the cycle of pain and contraction of the vaginal muscles.

    If you, or your partner, suffer from sexual disorders such as vaginismus, you should seek professional help. Silencing these problems, far from helping to solve the problem, makes it worse.

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