Costa Rica Blue Fund Is Close to Reach US$10 Million for Marine Conservation

    Resources will complement efforts for the 30×30 goals with management effectiveness projects for marine protected areas and the blue economy

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    Fondo Azul Costa Rica is close to reaching its goal of US$10 million to complement Costa Rica’s marine conservation efforts towards the global 30×30 goals. This is a joint fundraising strategy between the Government of Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Forever Association, Re:wild, which has been joined by other donors such as the Bezos Earth Fund, the Moore Foundation and the Wyss Foundation, which will be executed before 2030.

    The announcement was made at the Our Ocean Conference in Panama by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnoldo André, the Vice Minister of Environment of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), Rafael Gutiérrez, and the executive director of Costa Rica forever, Katy de the Garza.

    “Since 2021 Costa Rica achieved the goal of protecting 30% of the marine territory, the country has 23 marine protected areas that add up to more than 165,000 km2, so this Fund will allow us to strengthen current conservation efforts, and promote an economy blue where coastal communities and different users of the sea can improve their practices, sustainable use and productive projects”, indicated Vice Minister Rafael Gutiérrez. The Costa Rica Blue Fund is part of the country’s efforts to conserve marine biodiversity as part of the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, led by Costa Rica, France and the United Kingdom.

    The Costa Rica Forever Association, within the framework of its public-private alliance with the Government of Costa Rica, will manage the financial resources of the Costa Rica Blue Fund, under a governance structure made up of a Board of Directors, a Supervisory Committee and a Technical Commission. “92% of the territory of Costa Rica is sea and to promote its conservation and sustainable use, collaboration between the public and private sectors and civil society is necessary. The Costa Rica Blue Fund was born with US$3.5 million from our organization and we intend to reach at least US$10 million with allies to promote these efforts”, stressed the executive director of Costa Rica Forever, Katy de la Garza.

    Strategic lines

    The Costa Rica Blue Fund will finance projects in 2 lines of action:

    1. Management effectiveness of marine protected areas, including adaptation to climate change, research, and control and surveillance activities.

    2. Blue economy, such as the responsible fishing, sustainable tourism and the transformation of fishing gear. According to various studies, Costa Rica is home to 3.5% of the marine species reported worldwide, including 85 endemics.

    To learn more about this initiative, just visit the Fondo Azul Costa Rica website!

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