Costa Rica Announces Immigration Control Plan

This Digital System will Improve Entry to and Exit from the country.

The General Directorate of Migration and Immigration explained in a press release that the “Intake Migration and Invalidity Card” (TIE) is currently used, in which the traveler completes the data requested in a form and the control is done through the airline.

With this new plan, the traveler will go to an immigration control desk directly where the officer will check the exit requirements and record the required information on the system immediately and expedite the process.

In the process of entry, as part of the immigration control procedure to be performed by the officer, the passenger will be given a short interview that will include consulting the reason for the trip, place of stay or stay, among others; immediately included in the system.

“The registration information will be more reliable when it is entered by the Immigration Officer, who will also have direct contact with the passenger allowing, through their police experience, to detect those behaviors or anomalous situations”, explained the Migration Directorate.

For Costa Rican authorities, these consultations are essential in all migratory control, since the State has the obligation to know or investigate the actions that the visitor will carry out within the national territory.

Among the outstanding advantages is the agility in the process of control of entry and exit of the country, reduction in waiting times, improved control of identity of the person and the travel document and promote border modernization.

In addition, measures such as strengthening security through the provision of air or sea electronic closures, authorizing departure, and allowing the tracking and investigation of passengers are key elements of the general migratory policy.

SOURCEGabriel Azuaje
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