Costa Rica Advances its Strategies With Asian Countries

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    SAN JOSE (Costa Rica), Rene Castro, Costa Rican Foreign Minister met this week along with Costa Rican ambassadors in Asian countries to move forward their efforts in the region.

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    The Minister and Foreign Policy Director Jairo Hernandez met in Beijing, together with Costa Rican ambassadors to China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Qatar and India.

    “Castro and the ambassadors reviewed the general aspects of Costa Rica’s international strategy and how it is placed in Asia, which has fast economic growth and innovation in high technology and sustainable development,” Rene Castro said

    The purpose of the strategy meeting is to work together to better present Costa Rica as a green, prosperous and safe country with a strategy of sustainable development, and as well to .

    The next meeting will be the “Asia innovation” conference, tol be held in Costa Rica, with the goal of strengthening the country’s ties with it Asia partners.

    Costa Rica has signed free trade agreements with China and Singapore and another agreement is under negotiation with South Korea.

    These efforts are designed to further simulate foreign investment in Costa Rica. Between 1998 and 2008 there has been over $2 billion in foreign investment and now since CAFTA (TLC) Costa Rica is seeing even more foreign investment.

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