Collaborative Spaces Enhance Networking in Costa Rica

    The so-called networking, or "creation of networks of contacts", drives business and attracts opportunities thanks to the effective exchange of information

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    Has it ever happened to you that the most creative idea of ​​the day comes just before or after a meeting, while talking to your co-workers, in front of the coffee machine? This is no coincidence, as our willingness to imagine and create works best in calm environments where ideas flow freely. For this reason, social interactions can become receiving antennas for opportunities that arise spontaneously with networking.Those who observe this beneficial effect of networking from a macro level are the companies that offer the service of collaborative workspaces.

    Costa Rica has the hybrid work modality, that is, the one in which the collaborator can do work at home but has the alternative of going to an office with his colleagues is an excellent option to maintain the benefits of teleworking without losing the opportunity to promote meetings between people that can strengthen the quality of work results.

    Collaborative workspaces are precisely designed to promote those interactions in which creativity and ideas that move projects arise; those spaces in which effective collaboration leads to the solution of business problems or challenges and mainly that drives the improvement in productivity.

    For many, the experience of social isolation generated in 2020 and part of 2021, as a result of the Coronavirus, showed how the absence of spaces for social exchange had a marked impact on the productivity and emotional well-being of work teams. In this way, parallel to the discovery of the benefits related to working from home, the weaknesses associated with an abrupt separation from the exchange environment that normally happens within an office were also revealed.

    In this sense, collaborative workspaces are usually also ideal environments to generate new professional and personal contacts that benefit organizations and individuals. However, given the current situation marked by the need to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, these interactions must take place in suitable and safe places in terms of their sanitary measures and that certify the harmlessness of the environment.

    Advantages of collaborative work

    Why choose a collaborative work site to perform professionally? The advantages of networking are well known, from finding mentors or investors, to fine-tuning social and communication skills. However, at present, the spaces to carry out this type of activity are not abundant, nor is the time to engage in lasting interpersonal processes; It is under these circumstances that it is highly useful to have offices whose integrating thread is collaborative work, that is, a non-competitive environment suitable for freely sharing ideas and proposals.

    Flexible work spaces

    In a flexible workspace, people socialize, collaborate and share knowledge, enhancing that human nature that constantly seeks synergies. “Certainly the contact between professionals from different fields benefits companies to the extent that new ideas are produced and for this. Those interactions often happen during break periods, before or after meetings, in the hallway, or at amenity points throughout the office. This type of collaboration during unplanned interaction stimulates creativity, which leads to innovation.

    Among the advantages of collaborative work are quick decision-making by consensus, joint and creative resolution of work challenges and the possibility of building stable and strong social ties that contribute to the emotional well-being of the people who make up the company.

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