Citizen´s Group Explains Why They Oppose Vaccination of Children in Costa Rica

    The Group made up of lawyers and scientists signed a statement

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    The Organized Citizen´s group called the Movement for Health and Freedom in Costa Rica, presented in the auditorium of the Legislative Assembly the statement around its vision on the issue of handling the Covid-19 issue in Costa Rica.

    A 21-page document with scientific citations and extensive bibliography, especially about children. Invited by Deputies Shirley Diaz and Erick Rodríguez, Doctors Jimena Campos, Carlos Orozco, and Artides Marín, as well as lawyer Arcelio Hernández presented their considerations and conclusions that we copy verbatim:

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    “We, the professionals of the health and life sciences of the Movement for Health and Freedom, before the world, the Costa Rican citizenship and the national and local authorities of the Republic of Costa Rica, declare and denounce that:

    Coercive policies

    “We condemn and express our greatest rejection of the coercive policies of massive inoculation of these experimental substances, called “vaccines”, due to the risk to public health that they could produce in the medium and long term in a generalized way, mainly in children and young people, who do not run a representative risk of becoming ill with COVID-19 and those who statistically have such a low incidence of transmission to other people that it is not representative; as well as pregnant, lactating or fertile women; and that, on the contrary, they should be protected, rather than being put at imminent and unnecessary risk”.

    “Likewise, we object to the fact that the population has been denied access to early treatment with effective, safe, tested and approved drugs to deal with the current health situation. In the same way, we repudiate the deficient – and in some cases, null – medical care that chronic patients have received”.

    The Organized Group will carry out activities throughout the country to communicate its arguments to the interested parties and offer them legal or scientific advice. Health has pending explanations in conjunction with the company Pzifer on the scientific arguments to allow vaccination in minors who in themselves almost do not suffer serious health problems.

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