Vaccination Process in Costa Rica Continues this Weekend

    CCSS shares details about vaccination days

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    We are in the middle of a long weekend, but still in a Pandemic, so the authorities hope that many will take the opportunity to approach the establishments assigned by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) and get vaccinated.

    This week, health centers vaccinated people over 30 years old against Covid-19, regardless of the absence of risk factors. The green light was given by the CCSS Epidemiological Surveillance doctor, Leandra Abarca Gómez, in the morning of the previous Monday.

    The Director of the Health Services Network, Eduardo Cambronero Hernández, commented that during this weekend and beyond 38 health establishments, distributed in different regions of the country, will vaccinate the Tico population against COVID -19. The official added that, given the positive response, many of the health facilities reached their goal of applying their assigned dose quota in less time than expected.

    It is important to mention that due to the effects of heavy rains in 85% of the national territory, vaccination campaigns are suspended in the Huetar Atlántica and Brunca regions of our country.

    “The members of the National Vaccination and Epidemiology Commission agree to open group 5 as of July 16, 2021, vaccinating from that date according to age groups and regardless of risk,” says the letter sent by the Director General of Health, Priscilla Herrera, to the coordinator of Immunizations, Roberto Arroba.

    Open to all

    “The way in which the person should approach the health facility will be open to this specific age group, and when I say open is whether or not it has risk factors, the requirement that had been imposed on the medical certificate is removes. The health areas are going to open according to their design in regular time and extraordinary time, we are going to take advantage of two weekends, having the observation that we have a holiday that we are also going to take advantage of to promote accessibility”, said the director of the CCSS Health Services Network, Eduardo Cambronero.

    Petiton by the President

    “With the delivery of 250 thousand doses we are closer to the goal of achieving herd immunity. This amount of vaccines would allow us to maintain the acceleration of the vaccination rate that we carry throughout the country. We continue to strengthen the vaccination and protection campaign (…) thanks to these latest deliveries, we have already opened immunization to people without risk factors, and we see how an entire country believes in the process”, said the President of the Republic Carlos Alvarado when asking citizens to keep going to vaccination centers to get their first dose.

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