China Donates $ 8 million for Costa Rica Police Academy

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    China Donates $ 8 million for Costa Rica Police Academy
    After the last trip to China, the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, announced a series of agreements with the Asian nation, including a donation of $ 8 million whose purpose, so far, has been uncertain. However, the Deputy Minister of the Interior said that the $ 8 million donated by China are to be used exclusively for the Police Academy.

    Marcela Chacon, Deputy Minister of Interior and Police, said that the money was donated for the sole purpose of being invested in the construction of the new Police Academy will be located in Guápiles.

    Initially it was said that the construction of the new Police Academy, which will be donated in full by China would be worth $ 25 million, but the amount now stands at $ 40 million. This is because the project did not considered the construction of internal roads and electricity.

    “The eight million donated by China… are part of the construction of the school, like we said $ 25 million (initial amount of construction) plus $ 8, she (Laura Chinchilla) was the one that told us in a meeting” said the Deputy Minister.

    President Laura Chinchilla had said at first that it was not clear how it would reverse the $ 8 million, and said these funds were to pursue a line of cooperation already established between the two countries, so it could serve to “reinforce technological development, educational or social issues, which we are going is to ensure full transparency in the implementation. “

    The President said that the money has not been invested in government and that are being “cautious with these resources, because although much has been achieved in the pre design facilities Police School, the land to be built are a bit muddy and there are costs that are not yet in detail and most likely have to finance these funds (…) because there are within the budget of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) “.

    With respect to the variation on the initial amount ($ 25 million to $ 40 million) for the construction of the Police Academy, Chacon said that this will be covered entirely by China.

    The National Police Academy to be built on land near EARTH University in Guápiles, will have modern facilities and equipment, as well as a fitness center and an Olympic pool, the latter two infrastructures can be used by people in the community.

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