Laura Chinchilla Presidenta de Costa Rica
Ayales Edgar, Minister of Finance and the Legislature recognized that during the preparation of the national budget with Roberto Gallardo, planning was minimal and the meetings were only to discuss the budget concerns.

The Revenue Commission and Public Expenditure detailed in the 2012 budget outlined 12 national targets proposed by the Government and in the past four months has only met one: contain inflation.

The other goals, according to the report, are the reduction of the rate, care for 20,000 households in extreme poverty, the improvement of the indicators of competitiveness of country, the decrease of unemployment, growth of production the generation of sources of clean energy.

Meanwhile, the Comptroller General of the Republic states that the national development goals set by the government of Laura Chinchilla, are far from what was originally proposed.
In budget 2011, the Comptroller found some weaknesses. One case is referred to the salaries of the Ministry of Public Education, which questions the payroll payment system on the grounds that it is not reliable or accurate.

Another weakness relates to the payment of pension schemes, whose number amounts to 551 billion colones, the Comptroller has concerns about the system used, because it does not have insufficient information. There are also errors in typing and controls were not caused by the administration.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica


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