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    Scientists Posit the Existence of an Anti-Universe Next to Ours That Goes Back in Time

    A recently reviewed paper from an international team of theoretical physicists suggests that there may be an "anti-universe" stretching back in time before the Big Bang that could help explain the existence of dark matter, a mysterious but abundant...

    Costa Rica Will Be the First Country to Use an Innovative Platform for Mapping Forest Protection Projects

    Costa Rica will be the first country to map its forest protection projects on Restor, a science-based, open-access data platform that supports ecosystem restoration. This is thanks to a partnership with the company, which aims to bring a higher...

    Your Smart Devices Are Spying On You

    Have you ever had the creepy feeling that someone is watching you? There are billions of things that detect it every day. They're everywhere, hidden in plain sight: inside your TV, refrigerator, car, and office. These things know more...

    Digital Nomads: A Trend that is Here to Stay

    Get up. Go to the workplace. Comply with the working day. Back home. And every day, start over.

    More Than 13 Percent of Ticos are Remote Working Permanently

    With the start of COVID-19, the remote working modality became relevant compared to previous years, so the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) included a teleworking module within the Continuous Employment Survey (ECE).

    NASA Begins Transportation of Its “Lunar Megarocket” to a Launch Pad

    NASA's new giant rocket began its first transfer to a launch pad on Thursday to undergo a series of tests that, if successful, will allow it to embark on its mission to reach the Moon this summer.The SLS rocket...

    Virtual Migrants Contribute to Reduce the Dismissal of Local Talent

    That is, those workers who, without moving from their countries of origin, origin, provide services for clients or companies outside the country.

    Costa Rica And Panama Among The Best Countries In The World For Digital Nomads

    Costa Rica and Panama were ranked among the 10 most attractive countries in the first 'Travel and Work Index' developed by Kayak, the travel platform. The current health pandemic has promoted remote work and concepts that were not previously...

    Artificial Intelligence Will Become an Ally to Combat Illegal Logging in Costa Rica

    Carrying out measurements using artificial intelligence, instead of traditional methods

    Technological Advances Are Reflected In Tools Like Linktree

    Digital tools make it easier for us to manage our companies, allowing a better visualization of the various campaigns and products, embodied in videos, websites and much more...
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    Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in Latin America for 2023

    Global happiness has not been affected in the three years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Life assessments from 2020 to 2022 have been "remarkably resilient,"
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