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    Trolls Can Be Killed with a Silver Bullet, Experts Say

    The increase in fake profiles on social networks must be taken very seriously by public and private organizations

    Social Media: A Silent but Highly Harmful Addiction to Our Mental Health

    Have you ever seen how much time they spend on social media per day? If you have not done it yet...

    Scientists Opened a Cave Sealed for 5 Million Years and Found Strange Species

    total darkness and toxic air, life within this cave has evolved in isolation from the rest of the world

    Guide for Being a Digital Nomad in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a popular destination among digital nomads. It offers flexible opportunities for workers to stay there.

    New York State Legalizes Composting ofHuman Bodies

    New York became the sixth state in the United States to allow the so-called human composting. People can now turn their body

    A Comet Will Cross the Terrestrial Sky After 50 Thousand Years

    Coming from the far reaches of the solar system, comet “C/2022 E3 (ZTF)will visit Earth again.

    Scientists at Stanford University Say that Civilization Will Disappear as We Know It

    Stanford scientists met on a television show to talk about a possible global crisis in the face of climate change on the first day of this New Year

    Costa Rica under Cyberattack: Vulnerability of Information Systems Was Exposed in 2022

    Cyberattacks can continue and the risk for Costa Rica is permanent. This is the warning from the experts and one of the reasons they cite is the vulnerability and little preparation in the country

    Costa Rica Begins 2023 with the Challenge of Integrating More Women in Technical Careers

    Stopping the long stagnation of female professionals in areas related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is one of the challenges facing the country for 2023

    16 Costa Rican Girls of the “Ella Es Astronauta” Program Returned from NASA

    The NASA Space Center in Houston, 16 Costa Rican girls who were part of the She Is Astronaut program of the “Ella es” Foundation returned to the country.
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