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    The Digital Challenge of the Future: Accelerating the Next Generation of Financial Services with 5G Networks

    For several years now, we have seen a steady rise in digitization in the banking industry, with financial institutions modernizing customer experiences

    Entrepreneurial Students from Costa Rica Create Device to Be Sent into Outer Space in November 2022

    The company estimates that, in Costa Rica, around 140,000 jobs are generated by companies dedicated to the banana activity

    Costa Rican Technology Will Travel to Space in November for Finding a Solution to the Banana Plague

    A scientific project with Costa Rican technology is ready to travel to space at the end of November.

    Are there More Cybersecurity Risks with the Entry of 5G Networks?

    The arrival and implementation of 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks, has the potential to make Panama much more connected

    Higher Internet Speeds Would Protect the Costa Rican Economy From a New Global Emergency

    The higher the Internet speeds, the greater the chances Costa Rica would have of protecting employment and foreign investment

    Free Event Will Bring Together Costa Rican Technology Professionals In Unconventional Settings

    Up Level Meet Up is a space for professional growth for all people specialized in the technological area or advanced students

    9 Out of 100 Employees Did Telecommuting Until Last June in Costa Rica, the Lowest Figure Since 2020

    In June of this year, the percentage of wage earners in Costa Rica who did telecommuting fell to its lowest point since the pandemic began in March 2020.

    Costa Ricans Will Be Able to Participate in the World´s Largest Aerospace Hackathon

    The 2022 hackathon's theme is "Make Space," and it gives everyone, regardless of background and experience, the opportunity to create

    Workplace Ecosystems is the Real Opportunity for Attracting Digital Nomads to Costa Rica

    While people will change to balance the office, home and third places, the office will continue to be a fundamental engine of culture

    Costa Rica Will Host the First STEAM Educational Fair on September 30th and October 1st

    With the aim of promoting the STEAM methodology (areas related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
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    Tax on Air Tickets Will Only Affect National Tourists, Confirms Rodrigo Chaves

    If you like to go outside the country, without a doubt this news must not have gone down well.
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