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    Astronomers Announce the Finding of Stellar System with 7 Planets Similar to Earth

    An international group of astronomers announced the discovery of a stellar system with 7 planets with a mass similar to ours, 3 of which

    What Are the Benefits of Robotic Surgery to Improve People’s Health?

    We are so used to the presence of doctors in front of the operating table, and working on the patient's body, that the new scene we see

    New Digital Transformation Opportunities for SMEs

    Digital tools are changing rapidly, something that forces companies to modify and update their management models

    Costa Rica Demands More STEM Professionals

    In 2020, the OECD warned that in the country only 15% of university graduates corresponded to STEM careers

    How Is SLYM -the Newly Discovered Structure of the Brain? What Function Does It Have?

    With its complicated networks of neurons and biological structures, the brain continues to prove a difficult machine to crack. Now, thanks

    China Gives Explanations to Costa Rica for Alleged ‘Scientific Balloon’

    The Government of China regretted the incident recorded last week when a "civilian" balloon for "scientific" purposes flew over the airspace

    Message for Black History Month Revisited Again – Never Give Up!

    Among the space education and outreach activities I have currently conducted is a special broadcast of my Natural Physics Show ...

    Company Wants to Resurrect the Dodo Bird: This Is Their Plan to Achieve It

    Biotechnology is a science that is growing by leaps and bounds and is gaining great interest from the public and investors

    Indian Scientists Capture the Farthest Radio Signal Ever

    India's Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) has managed to detect a radio signal, made up of atomic hydrogen emissions

    Space Mining Has Begun: AstroForge Will Launch Its First Missions This Year

    The AstroForge company will start its first space mining missions this year with 2 precursor tasks in this industry.
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    Santa Ana: A Canton in Constant Growth

    Currently experiencing significant growth in the volume of property sales and rentals,
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