The Surprising Drop in Creativity among Teens Was Spotted by the OECD

    What makes 15-year-olds feel less creative, curious, persistent, and responsible than 10-year-olds? And what could the consequences of this be for your future?These are some of the questions that a recent report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and...

    Young Costa Ricans Are In the Latin American Astronomy and Astronautical Olympiad

    Through the participation of five students from public and private schools, Costa Rica is present for the first time in the Latin American Astronomy and Astronautical Olympiad. The students who represent the country today were the ones who stood...

    Costa Rica Stands Out As the Fourth Country with the Best English Proficiency in Latin America

    The English language has become one of the fundamental tools to strengthen the preparation and curriculum of millions of people.

    What Education Can You Expect for Your Kids When Moving from Costa Rica to the UK?

    Costa Rica and the UK are two entirely different locations, with different cultures, alternative weather, and different schooling systems

    Teach English and Explore the Wonders of Costa Rica

    Are you looking for a career change while travelling abroad? Are you a teacher of English as a foreign language looking for a new destination? Whatever the reason, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for teaching English abroad

    New Web Series Seeks to Contribute to Central American Popular Education

    A new web series called "Veamos la Respuesta" (Let's See the Answer) is committed to bringing Central American popular education in a more direct and concrete way. With this launch, the Central American Institute for the Extension of Culture...

    1 in 10 TicoStudents Suffers from Dyslexia, Learn How to Recognize It?

    Beyond the difficulty in reading or writing, dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, of neurobiological origin, of a persistent nature, even when the student has received various educational supports in a timely manner and sensory and cognitive compromises have...

    Tico Educational App is Launched to Educate Children About the Importance of Bees in the Ecosystem

    Given the little awareness and care of bees, the Tropical Beekeeping Research Center of the National University (UNA), wants to show Tico children the importance of these animals for the planet.Therefore, in order to teach how these pollinators help...

    National Learning Institute Will Benefit Ticos With Visual Disabilities Thanks to an International Agreement

    With the aim of contributing to the labor inclusion and professional training of people with visual disabilities, the National Learning Institute (INA) signed an agreement with the Network Education for Work International (RIET) and Fundación Once América Latina (FOAL).Developing...

    Is Costa Rica’s Minimum Wage Enough for students to Stay in the Country?

    With a mix of different cultures and ethnicities, Costa Rica has generally tolerant people and many international students fit easily within the local student society.
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    WHO Warns of Health Risks of Sweeteners to Replace Sugar

    Sweeteners that replace sugar would also not help reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer or diabetes, the report says
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