1 in 10 TicoStudents Suffers from Dyslexia, Learn How to Recognize It?

    Beyond the difficulty in reading or writing, dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, of neurobiological origin, of a persistent nature, even when the student has received various educational supports in a timely manner and sensory and cognitive compromises have...

    Tico Educational App is Launched to Educate Children About the Importance of Bees in the Ecosystem

    Given the little awareness and care of bees, the Tropical Beekeeping Research Center of the National University (UNA), wants to show Tico children the importance of these animals for the planet. Therefore, in order to teach how these pollinators help...

    National Learning Institute Will Benefit Ticos With Visual Disabilities Thanks to an International Agreement

    With the aim of contributing to the labor inclusion and professional training of people with visual disabilities, the National Learning Institute (INA) signed an agreement with the Network Education for Work International (RIET) and Fundación Once América Latina (FOAL). Developing...

    Is Costa Rica’s Minimum Wage Enough for students to Stay in the Country?

    With a mix of different cultures and ethnicities, Costa Rica has generally tolerant people and many international students fit easily within the local student society.

    Best Colleges in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, a beautiful Latin country south of Panama and a little north of Nicaragua, is ideal for getting an education. Its pristine white sand beaches, surrounding tropical rainforests, delicious food, and fantastic culture make it highly conducive to studying

    Tico Entrepreneurs Have an Opportunity To Obtain A Scholarship With the 2021 Entrepreneurship Support Project

    The "2021 Entrepreneurship Support Project" will allow 25 entrepreneurs in the country to train and improve their skills thanks to the scholarships awarded by the National Learning Institute and the Ministry of the Economy. Until August 27nd, those interested can...

    Exchange Students Return to the Campus of ULACIT

    A group of ten young Germans are the first foreign students to return to the ULACIT (Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología) campus after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the execution of international agreements. ULACIT has agreements with more than 60...

    “Community Professors” Project Seeks To Prevent 400 Students From Leaving Classrooms This Year In Costa Rica

    Getting 400 students at risk of exclusion to remain in or rejoin classrooms is the goal set this year by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP)

    Costa Rican National Dance Workshop Launches Scholarship Program

    With an initial budget content of ¢ 35 million, the Costa Rican National Dance Workshop (TND), launched the call for its new Program of Artistic Residencies Creating Scene - RACE 2021, with the aim of promoting and encouraging scenic...

    Costa Rican Students Returned to the Classrooms this past week under Combined Modality and Strict Protocols

    The Costa Rican educational community will return to schools and colleges starting this Monday, July 12th, under the modality of combined education. The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) reported that the almost 1,200,000 million students will resume their teaching...
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