Costa Rica and the Intention of Educating Children and Adolescents From Home

    The bill that would allow parents to educate their children from home, has not had a forceful advance in the country, due to the various contradictions that have been generated

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    In Costa Rica there are draft laws that have not been finalized, either due to lack of conversations where the information is expanded, or some disagreement that exists between the State or a public institution. Bill 22.396 is oriented in the way of the education that was carried out during the pandemic, from homes.

    Of course, it would be both for foreigners residing in Costa Rica and Ticos, fathers, mothers or guardians who educate their children and adolescents from home, with the freedom to choose study plans and books.

    The same parents can give the lessons to the young people, additionally they can hire a tutor to go home. Then children and adolescents will be able to certify their knowledge through exams and, therefore, pass the grade. The calls for the exams per year would be in February, July and December.

    Who introduced the bill and what are the details?

    The Independent Deputy, Ivonne Acuña, has remained proposing the idea: “Education like at Home”, as an educational option in Costa Rica. According to Acuña, the objective is to establish the regulatory framework under which this educational activity can be developed and to offer mothers, fathers and the State itself the possibility of freely, sustainably and voluntarily deploying a modality recognized elsewhere of the world”.

    It is worth noting that the students who choose to join the Home Schooling modality must register annually in the directory created by the enforcement authority for this purpose. Registered students may not be enrolled in any official institution as long as they remain in that condition.

    The Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica does not yet accept the Home Schooling modality. In this way, representatives of the institution emphasized that the initiative does not exist as an academic option, because the student must be enrolled in an educational center.

    Home Schooling works in more than 30 countries, including Denmark, Ireland, the United States, Russia, Portugal, France, Norway or Poland, with different regulatory schemes. Let’s hope they can reach agreements regarding the bill, always in favor of young students and their future.

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