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    Ask most North American visitors to Costa Rica what a “soda” is, and you are liable to get a response concerning some kind of carbonated beverage. To those from the Southern U.S., the term “coke” applies to all carbonated...

    Yogarte, Yoga, Meditation, and Art in La Sabana

    For all of those that like yoga, art. live music and to visits art galleries, they will be interested in this opportunity. the FESTIVAL YOGARTE program combines an art tour, yoga class and meditation session  in the  Costa Rican Art Museum, located in La Sabana,...

    Taxation of U.S. Citizens Who Live and Work in Costa Rica

    Taxation of U.S. Citizens Who Live and Work in Costa RicaIn a previous article, I explained the broad reach of the U.S. taxing jurisdiction and how it subjects U.S. citizens and residents to a worldwide taxing regime. This is...

    From Dogs to Pigs – Free Animal Clinic Provides Health Care to Over 200 Animals in Nosara

    Marcia Banes, TheCostaRicaNews.comNosara- Despite the fact she was about to lose her leg, the small black dog looked at peace as she lay on the table. As one of many bystanders, I stand waiting to see what will happen...

    Miley Cyrus concert in Costa Rica May 21

    As part of her Gypsy Heart tour, Miley Cyrus performs in Costa Rica on May 21 at Estadio Nacional.

    Local school benefits from Mardis Gras event

    The public elementary school in Potrero has received a grant of $2200 for repairs and renovation through a Mardis Gras event held in Playa Potrero.

    Puntarenas Carnival (Pacific Pearl Festival): Schedule of events

    Summary and schedule of events for the 2011 Puntarenas Carnival (Pacific Pearl Festival).

    Uvita’s Water Resources: Issues, Players and Improvements

    After a difficult year, the progress from the major players involved is indicative of what is to come for all affected areas, notably Dominical’s surrounding rivers and polluted water supplies.

    Fiestas Palmares – map of fairgrounds

    Fiestas Palmares - map of fairgrounds, transportation information, and links to more information

    Fiestas Palmares Horse Parade – map and information

    Fiestas Palmares Horse Parade (el tope) begins Thursday at noon in Palmares, Costa Rica. The horse parade is a national tradition in Costa Rica and the Festival of Palmares' horse parade is recognized for bringing an enormous amount of participants...
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    What Are the Main Differences between Costa Rica`s Pacific and Caribbean Beaches?

    Costa Rica is renowned for its stunning beaches, with both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts offering a diverse range...
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