Calderón Guardia opens clinic to quit smoking

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    Calderón Guardia Hospital opened a clinic to help smokers quit their habit and improve their quality of life.

    Through the advice of specialists in respiratory medicine, psychology, nutrition, respiratory therapy, social work and general practice, patients receive therapy to quit and see the damage that has caused the defect in their health.

    The program consists of a weekly three-hour session for three months.

    Smokers receive personalized behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and exercises to reduce anxiety.

    They are also providing psychological support as a group and individual nutritional consultation is given and as well as talks about smoking and its consequences.

    “We have seen very good results with the first group. All are aware of the importance of quitting smoking and we see they are moving away from the vice,” said Marcela Madrigal.

    Individuals wishing to register may do so in person at the Pneumology Service of the Hospital Calderón Guardia. They can also call the numbers 2212 10 64 or 2212 10 00 Extension 4882 or 4122.

    Translation and Editing by TCRN Staff
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