Olympic is not advancing negotiations with Wal-Mart

By TCRN Staff

Bogotá. The Colombian chain said it “is not in talks with the U.S. firm aiming to realize a strategic alliance or any kind of agreement or negotiation.”

In information provided to the Superintendent of Finance, said the Colombian chain “as we have reported on previous occasions made clear to the public securities market, Drugstores Olympic Superstores and SA has not reported any negotiations with Wal-Mart.”

The clarification is that in recent days the mayor of Barranquilla, Alejandro Char, said in a media that Olympic had talks with the U.S. network. However, Char is not part of the company active.

“We have informed in advance of that authority and the market through the investment bank Credit Suisse analysis was performed for a preliminary assessment of potential growth for our company, a process already completed and entered into no binding outcome,” said the Olympic.