Bizarre! Setena Approves that New Spheres Be Removed from Diquis

Outrage Has Been Generalized with Pindeco’s Project

What a joke in bad taste for archeology and anthropology! So it seems what the archeologist Ifigenia Quintanilla denounces on her Instagram account.

According to Quintanilla, a specialist in the stone spheres in Costa Rica, the hired archeologist who did the study of the “Pindeco” pineapple farm company to ask for environmental viability at Hacienda Victoria recommended that, if new spheres appear on the ground, they should be removed from the site and relocated.

Stone spheres in an archeological site

The Hacienda Victoria requested that permission to plant just over 400 hectares of pineapple only 5 kilometers from the Sierpe Wetlands, a situation that has been highly controversial between environmental and cultural sectors.

The most unheard of is that Setena accepted the recommendation of the archaeologist hired by the transnational Del Monte or Pindeco and, if this questioned plantation thrives, new spheres could be removed from their place to give way to pineapple planting. In general, Setena granted the environmental viability permit.

The outrage arises because the archaeologists studied in the stone spheres, cultural heritage of mankind according to UNESCO, know that the location of the spheres could help discover some enigmas that surround them, in addition to showing valuable anthropological knowledge about the past of ancestral societies.

That happens with the spheres that managed to stay in place in Finca 6, whose position coincides with the Constellation of Capricorn, as well as with the sunrise and sunset, which could indicate the possibility that the spheres as a whole are astral maps or be associated with social behaviors of indigenous people.

One of the great causes that anthropologists have not been able to decipher mysteries and gain new knowledge is mainly due to the fact that the indigenous legacy was destroyed or altered upon the Spaniards’ arrival.

The outrage has been widespread with this pineapple plantation project. In addition, this also occurs because of the environmental pollution that would mean for the Sierpe Wetlands, a Ramsar site of global importance and the largest in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, Setena has not yet responded to the population’s questions about this bizarre approval.

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