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    David Gourzong Proposes to Declare the “Grand Gala Parade” an Intangible Cultural Heritage

    "The Gala Parade means for Limonenses and for Afro-descendants a way of artistic cultural manifestation and gastronomy, to share our traditions, values and principles...

    Costa Rican National Assembly Declares the “Guanacaste Quijongo” Cultural Heritage of the Nation

    There are only two remaining live carriers of the tradition According to the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ)

    Intangible Cultural Heritage Award Opens its Registration Period for Applications

    The scope of intangible cultural heritage is vast and varied. From what goes unnoticed on a daily basis, such as the particular forms of...

    Bizarre! Setena Approves that New Spheres Be Removed from Diquis

    What a joke in bad taste for archeology and anthropology! So it seems what the archeologist Ifigenia Quintanilla denounces on her Instagram account
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