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    Bizarre! Setena Approves that New Spheres Be Removed from Diquis

    What a joke in bad taste for archeology and anthropology! So it seems what the archeologist Ifigenia Quintanilla denounces on her Instagram account

    Puerto Viejo Community Rejects Construction of a Berth on the Marine Platform

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has awarded the company NÁUTICA JJ S.A. the construction of a 75-meter long berth on the marine platform...

    The Struggle to Saving Our Environment in Costa Rica

    Each entrepreneur in Costa Rica has a unique success because most of them have a purpose to work for the defense of the environment,...

    A 48-Minute Interview with President Carlos Alvarado

    “If we have achieved so many wonderful things with absurd restraints, the question is, where would we be if we did not have those...
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