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    Apart from September and October, the Costa Rica off season (also called the rain season and the green season) is great time to visit. Everything is cheaper; flights, accommodations, food specials, even the tour operators offer special prices. There is great fishing, surfs up, the flora and fauna is in full swing, and there are no crowds. If you have not been to a tropical country in the rain season you are really missing out on a great experience.

    Cheaper Flights

    Round trip flights between North America and Costa Rica during the off season can be as low as $275 USD, especially if you book a little in advance. Rainy season often involves sunny mornings and a few showers in the afternoon, and generally clearing in the evenings. In some areas it can mean all-day rain. In a country where most of the tourist attractions are outdoors, this can be troublesome, but pack some rain gear, get out enjoy and embrace the green season.

    Sea Turtle Season in Costa Rica

    Although some of the species of sea turtle can be seen nesting all year round a majority of them only nest in the rain season. There are many organizations that provide travel and tour guide, and as well many work programs.

    There are many locations but the most famous place in Costa Rica for see these giants is Tortuguero. Named after the Spanish tortuga, meaning turtle, the main attraction in Tortuguero, Costa Rica is the endangered green sea turtles, who come to nest in the black volcanic sands of the park’s 11 miles of protected beach from July to September each year. Seeing the hundreds of behemoth mothers, who can weigh up 700 pounds, haul themselves ashore to dig nests and lay eggs is an experience probably only surpassed by the sight of countless inch-long baby turtles clumsily making their way to the sea two months later.

    Costa Rica off Season Fishing

    Two oceans, beautiful lakes and hundreds of rivers all add up to some of the best fishing for more species at any time of the for such a small area Costa Rica has consistently been selected for the best fishing in the world.

    Many species are available all year, but if you are after the “big blue Marlin” or the yellow tune, you’ll have to come to Costa Rica in the rain season. Below are some of the off season fish.

    Sailfish: Caught throughout the year, May through August are the best times. They often begin to thin out in September, with the slowest months running through November.

    Tuna: Peak months are usually August through October, but when all else fails, there are always tuna, anytime of the year. These are monster fish in Costa Rica with Yellow fin and some big eye tuna weighing in at over 350 pounds.

    Wahoo: Caught in limited numbers throughout the year, the best time begins the beginning of the rain season in May, peaking in July and August. Rocky points and islands are the best hunting grounds, but you can also pick them up fishing offshore as well.

    Snook: Best spots are just off the many river mouths along the coast, up the Sierpe River and in the big lagoon on the Sierpe. Good eating and good fighters’ snook are becoming a very popular game fish. Although it is a new fishery, the best months are from July through November during the heavy rainy season.

    Surfing in off season Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a well known and well developed surfing destination. The surfing can be broken into three main areas: The Pacific North (Guanacaste-Nicoya), the Pacific South (Punta Arenas) and the Caribbean. Surf towns are developing in places such as Jaco, Tamarindo and Puerto Viejo. Year round warm water, warm air and offshore breezes (in Guanacaste) make for great conditions. The best waves occur in the rainy season (northern Hemisphere summer’) on the pacific side and in the hot dry season (‘winter’) on the Caribbean.

    White Water Rafting

    Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica is always phenomenal and for the adventure traveler in the rain season a must do experience. Rivers crisscross the country with rivers cutting through spectacular and deep gorges surrounded by rain forest. In rainy season Costa Rica’s whitewater rafting and kayaking contending with the best rapids in the world.

    Finally, witnessing the thunderstorms in the tropics is an astonishing sight. Much more powerful and dramatic than those in the more temperate regions of the world, these are an astounding display of light and sound.

    Costa Rica in the green season is a spectacular place to see and experience, and offers great discounts and experiences for the tropical traveler.
    To find out more on rainy season travel in Costa Rica, drop us a note at The Costa Rica News and one of our experts on the Support Team will set you up.

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