Beautiful Avellana Beach Is Waiting For You

    White sand beaches and turquoise waters create a great starting point to see endangered sea turtles in Las Baulas National Marine Park

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    Avellana beach is located a place of white sand and turquoise water, in the district of Tamarindo, province of Guanacaste, in Costa Rica. This beach allows visitors to enjoy a great diversity of flora and fauna. It is characterized by its peaks and shallow rocky reefs. It extends from the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge to Punta Nosara, ending at the mouth of the Boca River. Passable all year round.

    General characteristics

    This beach has world-class waves and relaxing shores that make it a paradise for surfers. The locals even call it “little Hawaii”, as the waves offshore reach up to 5.5 meters in height, attracting experienced surfers from around the world.

    As a quiet alternative to nearby Tamarindo, Playa Avellana offers white sand and turquoise waters that create a great starting point for viewing endangered sea turtles in Las Baulas National Marine Park. In this beach town, you have to meet “Lola”, the 400-kilo sow – a local celebrity – who strolls nonchalantly along the beach to bathe in the sun.

    The province of Guanacaste is known for its exceptional beauty, magnificent beaches, and sunny radiance. It also has fascinating conservation areas such as Las Baulas National Marine Park and Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, both of which are important nesting sites for endangered sea turtles.

    Tourist activities

    When the tide is high, expert surfers head to Playa Avellana for their surfing practices. In fact, there are up to eight different sections, which are ranked as one of the best on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. The waves are spectacular throughout the year, coming from both the northern and southern hemispheres. The most popular places are La Purruja, a cliff located in front of El Palo, as well as the legendary El Estero de Avellanas, which is considered one of the best in Costa Rica.

    Although surfing is the mainstay, due to the strong currents, swimming is not recommended. Due to its isolated character, Playa Avellana is a quiet place to enjoy a good book or a quiet afternoon nap. It is also a great place for a nice picnic, where you can refuel before hitting the waves.

    Many visitors also like to spend the afternoon horseback riding along the shore or watching the sunset from a beach bar. If you want to get out and practice your swing with some golf balls, head to Hacienda Pinilla Beach Resort which has an 18 hole golf course that many visitors to Playa Avellana come to enjoy.

    Las Baulas National Marine Park

    Less than 25 kilometers away, Las Baulas National Marine Park is famous for hosting the largest nesting colony of the leatherback turtle in the world. Each year, Playa Grande – located in Las Baulas – welcomes more than 800 female turtles who lay their eggs on its shores during the nesting season, which runs from November to April. From April to September, baby turtles scamper out to sea. This park makes for a great place to witness unspoiled nature and turtle circuits at night, offered through the Las Baulas ranger station in Playa Grande (Costa Rica).


    Just 10 kilometers from Playa Avellana you will find Tamarindo, a bustling surf town, with its social center to complement your vacation, Tamarindo has great restaurants, boutiques, spas, bakeries and a wide variety of accommodation options. During spring break, this vibrant city is a prime destination, filled with nightclubs, beach parties, and bars with Latin music. During the rest of the year, visitors will enjoy horseback riding, excellent golf, water sports, and diving along with snorkeling.

    Transportation services

    From San José, you can take a bus to Tamarindo and then a taxi to Playa Avellana. If you bring your own surfboard, most buses will accommodate your gear, but just in case, check first. Otherwise, you can rent a transportation service. Avellana is also accessible through Santa Cruz, or if you are coming from Villareal, you can take Route 155 for about 3.3 km., Then turn right about 400 meters past the Villareal School. Follow the road for approximately 9 km.

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