Attention Tico Women: Let’s Take Care of Our Nutrition 365 Days a Year!

    Negative decisions such as substance abuse, poor diet, and physical inactivity have a negative impact on the female body

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    Every decade, the social changes that are experienced make for lifestyles to evolve. An example that the this evolution is also penetrating in the body of the woman, is that the age of the first menstruation at the beginning of the XX century, was around 16 years and at present, it decreased to 13 years, according to the National Health Survey.

    This change implies the release of female sex hormones at an earlier age and the increase of hormones such as leptin, linked to body fat, which generates greater concern about the increase in obesity in childhood and adolescence, as it occurs with an earlier onset of reproductive life.

    Numerous studies indicate that the advancement of menstruation would be related to insulin resistance, increased blood pressure figures, abdominal obesity, among others. Breast cancer also takes on importance when the menstrual cycle is advanced, which is why it is so important to have a normal weight during childhood, an aspect that will determine a woman’s lifelong health status and ensures a healthy reproductive role.

    Therefore, women must recognize the importance of the decisions made daily and their involvement in our body. Taking care of ourselves allows us to have an adequate development for each stage of our life.

    Adolescence: Stage of important decisions

    This is how adolescence must be cared for because it is a stage of change, we are still growing and generating structures; we have constant modifications and physical, hormonal and psychological development. The metabolism in general is accelerated and there is more susceptibility to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Negative decisions such as consumption of illegal substances or alcohol, have a very negative impact on our body, as well as poor diet and physical inactivity.

    Early adulthood

    It is in the next stage, in our early 20s, where we culminate our development. It is the time of best performance and where the details are refined, it is here where we decide the physique that will maintain us for the rest of our lives and the ease with which we can maintain it. It has the peculiarity that as you start with more responsibilities, it is common that sports practice and its frequency are not left aside.

    The 30s

    After 30, the metabolism begins to change. Some women begin to experience hormonal changes, especially after pregnancy in this decade. Fluid retention and a bloated abdomen are common, and caloric expenditure drops by an average 10% per decade thereafter.

    Middle age

    Hormonal changes tend to be stronger and more marked in the 40s, and at this stage, along with the 50s, symptoms or markers of disease begin to appear on blood tests. It is time to be patient and in many cases to get to know ourselves again, because the body can change significantly.


    The most significant drop in metabolism occurs after age 65, as well as health complications; yes, if you have led a healthy lifestyle. If not, this decline may start at an earlier age.

    The right balance

    Learning to balance the different facets and flexibility is essential. The key is to take care of the quality of the food and its variety, to also put ourselves first, because sometimes a very careful diet is enlisted for the family, but not ours. We must feel balanced and energetic to cover the busy schedule, and for this, our diet is the basis. Additionally, it is important to maintain a frequent exercise modality, but watching the intensity, so as not to overload ourselves, as well as to ensure sufficient sleep.

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