Are We Creating Our Reality?

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    Nicole Stasio
    Nicole is a woman that defies the laws of nature, a caregiver of humanity, an intellectual soul seeking truth and justice. Originally from San Francisco and currently growing roots in the Costa Rican jungle. Nicole is passionate about what she says, and talented with what she does. Currently seeking to elevate her consciousness for the greater good of mankind.

    What if a Stanford University professor who pioneered the field of stem cell research told you that you are not a victim of your genetics, but rather you are the master of your biology creating your entire reality? That the old-school genetic determinism which says cells are controlled by genes is a false understanding? Rather, genes are controlled by our environment, and we are the ones that control our environment. This is the epigenetics revolution. Our thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes are actually turned into chemistry, which then goes into the genes and controls our biology.

    Interview with Professor Bruce Lipton

    This is exactly what Bruce Lipton, a former professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, who worked on cloning stem cells, talks about in his interview with Costa Rican local Tijo of The Arcane Bear, a collaborative community that challenges the norm and shares knowledge specifically related to Blockchain technology. You can see the full interview here:

    Lipton’s research on stem cells revealed that the old paradigm which teaches that people are victims of their heredity is false and it is actually the environment which controls genes. This is revolutionary because it makes us humans the creators of our biology based on how we respond to the world. If we change how we respond to the world, then we change our biology — not in years, but in hours. We are the creators of our lives and we have the power to create anything!

    Guess what?

    This means we don’t need doctors, we don’t need to get sick; instead, we can take our power back and create a wonderful experience. We’ve been programmed by society to think we’re frail, vulnerable creatures, but this is completely false…we can walk on fire. Once you change your consciousness then you change your life.

    Epigenetics Future of Medicine

    If the chemical composition of your blood controls your genetics, then what is controlling the chemical composition of your blood? The answer is in your mind. Your mind entertains a picture and the brain translates the picture into chemistry. The best example of this is when you fall in love and the brain releases the chemicals associated with love – dopamine, oxytocin, and the growth hormone – creating a physical environment of health and healing. On the other end of the spectrum, a state of fear releases stress hormones and creates an unhealthy environment in the body which can lead to sickness.

    According to Lipton, the first 7 years of our lives are programming which is designed to be negative, disempowering, self-sabotaging and fear-based. Like in the movie “The Matrix,” we are programmed, but luckily there is a “red pill” we can take to escape from this programming. If you have ever fallen in love, then you have taken this red pill. The experience of heaven-on-earth, joy, love, and beauty during the “honeymoon phase” stops the program and we are free to create.

    Do you choose the blue pill or the red pill?

    Matrix Morpheus Blue Pill Red Pill

    The good news is that once we know about the programming, we can choose to take the red pill every day and create heaven on earth at every moment of our lives. We can literally reprogram our subconscious to create whatever version of reality we desire – to achieve our wildest dreams. If your subconscious has your desired destination reprogrammed into it, then it will take you to that destination without effort. What would it look like for you to go back into your subconscious and rewrite your program? What would your destination be? What reality would you create for yourself?

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