Are There More or Less Migrants? Expectation of Costa Rica with regards to Migration Changes in the United States

    During the pandemic, a system called "Title 42" had been applied; this allowed a series of guarantees for people who made irregular income

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    “We are optimistic that the measures announced by the United States to restrict entry will help discourage migrants from South America, and other latitudes decide to undertake this difficult journey across the continent”. That is the diagnosis of the Directorate of Migration and Foreigners (DGME), after several months with waves of migrants in transit, to whom the United States is tightening admission policies.

    At the moment, the authorities argue that although the months with the most traffic are expected, a significant increase in people circulating is not projected. “We hope that it will continue in a controlled increase until reaching the maximum levels registered in previous years, which are the months of August, September, and October; where after that date, due to the climatic situations of the Darién, the flow of passage is reduced”, they pointed out. To this they add that they remain “vigilant and attentive”, always with the anticipation that the numbers do not rise.

    Another of the plans announced by the United States Government to reduce the number of migrants is to create refugee request centers in Latin America, so that the trip is only undertaken by those who have the guaranteed title (AFP)

    A radical change for migrants into the United States

    Since this month, the United States has been applying new immigration measures, which made entry into the country tougher. During the pandemic, a system called “Title 42” had been applied; this allowed a series of guarantees for people who made irregular income.

    Now, they reapplied “Title 8”, which not only enables deportation but also stronger sanctions. Among others, it allows arrest, deportation and strong penalties for repeat offenders.

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