All You Need To Know About The “Yin Yang” Philosophy

    The principle of perfect balance in the Universe

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    The “Yin and Yang” symbol, also known as the “Chi Tai” or “Taiqi”, consists of a circle equally divided by an S in reverse, into two sections, one white and the other black. Inside the black section, there is a small circle of white color. Inside the white section is a small black circle. Each of the individual aspects of the Yin Yang symbol has a specific meaning.

    According to Yin Yang’s philosophy of the Universe, everything that exists is constant and at the same time cyclical. When a force dominates, it is then replaced by its opposite force. This activity continues and is constantly repeated over time.

    Here are some examples that illustrate the Yin Yang philosophy:

    -Life and Death

    -Night and Day

    -Sky and Earth

    -Health and Disease

    -Darkness and Light

    -Poverty and Wealth

    -Cold and Hot

    The Yin Yang symbol

    Yin Yang is the concept of Taoism, which exposes the duality of everything that exists in the universe. Yang is a luminous, positive energy that appears intensely, while Yin is a passive, negative light. Each object or situation is related to these two dualities and “Feng Shui” is in charge of finding a balance to achieve well-being and fortune.

    Principles of Yin Yang

    According to Taoism, Yin Yang responds to certain universal principles which are:

    a)Yin and Yang are opposites: however, they are not absolute, since for this philosophy everything that exists is relative.

    b)There is Yin within Yang, in the same way, that there is Yang within Yin: this complements the previous principle, by affirming that in each one its opposite is present, although it is in potential, therefore they are not absolute.

    c)Both forces generate and consume each other: an increase in Yin energy implies a decrease in Yang energy, but this is not considered an imbalance, but part of the vital process.

    d)They can be infinitely subdivided and transform: Yang energy can be divided to create Yin energy and vice versa. Similarly, one of the forces can be transformed into its opposite.

    e)Yin and Yang are interdependent: each of these forces needs the other to exist.

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    How is Yin Yang applied?

    The concept of these essential forces, opposite and complementary, has been applied in other areas that go beyond the spiritual. Some martial arts include stretching exercises that “draw Taijitu”, the most popular graphic representation of Yin and Yang.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, they treat ailments with their opposite energy. In this way, a fever indicates excess Yang (heat) strength, and remedies based on Yin (cold) energy are applied for its cure.

    On the other hand, Feng Shui that is a discipline of Chinese origin that seeks harmony and an aesthetic and energetic balance in environments is based on Yin and Yang to determine if a place has a deficiency or excess of any of these energies, and work on a reorganization of space to achieve balance.

    Ultimately, Yin Yang is a system of recognition of how to separate the patterns in our lives and at the same time relax and accept the global pattern and the complete nature of the “Tao”. Accordingly to this principle, the forces of everything that exists in the Universe are in constant motion, as the movement continues, each of the energy forces gradually changes into the other, from Yin to Yang and from Yang to Yin.

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