Yin And Yang – A Duality That Includes Everything: How it Can Help You

    nothing is completely Yin and Yang, there is always a balance

    The spiritual force that radiates Yin and Yang is absolute and pleasant. This philosophy of life, for many, is nothing more than the clear definition of the differences established between good and evil, yes or no, day and night, active or passive, the nature of man and woman.

    All human beings are made of masculine and feminine energies described in the eastern part of the planet with Yin and Yang, but do you know what the philosophy of Yin and Yang expresses and how you can make it function for romantic relationships, friendship, family or business?

    Any type of relationship is the cornerstone of human experience, which is why you should be clear that the philosophy of Yin and Yang does not speak of negative or positive forces, it is based on a philosophy of balance and complementary harmony. It is not static. Everything is in constant motion and mutates into other things.

    Good times can be taken as bad times and vice versa. The nights and days are always as long and one gives way to the other. It takes both sides to form the whole. Even if Yin (the dark part) decreases, Yang (the light part) will grow in the same proportion, assuring that the whole remains.

    What is the meaning of Yin and Yang in relationships and how to use it?

    Just like day and night, each member of the relationship contributes to the whole. Think about the stages of a relationship. At times, one member of the couple has more than the other; but it is not always the same and this can change. If the force never balances, it is one of the signs to end the relationship.

    What does Yin Yang represent in love? 

    The philosophy and energy of Yin Yang divide Chi energy (vital energy for the Chinese) into equal halves. One of them is female (Yin) while the other half is male (Yang). That does not mean that the feminine energy belongs strictly to a woman or that the male energy remains strictly to a man; the point is that each individual must have a healthy portion of both energies. 

    When Yin and Yang identify opposite poles that attract each other, they achieve a complete, balanced and harmonious energy; which can exist within a loving relationship, regardless of the gender of the couple. Did you know that the exchange of energy in a love relationship has too much power? More than you can imagine, there are times when one member of the relationship can have more Yin energy and the other will have more Yang energy, but there are also times when those energies can be changed. 

    A couple must concentrate on finding the balance in the relationship, knowing this, if one person contains too much Yang energy and the other person maintains a balance of both (Yin Yang) then there will be too many confrontations in the relationship because Yang energy is the driving force of the relationship because it seeks to dominate and extracts the necessary Yin energy for it. But if both people have more Yang energies then there will be an endless struggle for power, always seeking to dominate the other.

    Characteristics of Yin people.

    A passive attitude. Quiet in social situations. They enjoy loneliness. They enjoy a quiet environment, the warmth of home. Always very quiet in social situations.

    Characteristics of Yang people.

    Great energy levels. They need to express themselves. Ambitious. They take action. They always want to be active. They greatly appreciate the talents and qualities of the people around them. Yang’s energy can become overwhelming if it is not balanced by Yin energy.

    How to balance the energy (Chi) in a relationship.

    There are many ways in which you can take your energy (Chi) to a balanced state, such as yoga, meditation and the practice of Tai Chi or Qigong. Join a class with your partner to experience the benefits of these practices. When a balance of Yin and Yang energy is reached, the two opposites become constructive. A couple with a balanced (Chi) relationship will create and build and advance their lives together.

    SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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