Aleste Receives Ecological Blue Flag for Second Year in the Biodiversity Category

    The project has a work plan to continue taking measures in education, species conservation and reduction of negative impacts

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    Aleste is proud to announce that it has been awarded for the second time the prestigious Ecological Blue Flag in the Biodiversity category, obtaining 5 stars this year.  This recognition highlights the firm commitment to carry out actions in favor of the environment and society.

     Since its inception, Aleste has embraced the responsibility of preserving biodiversity in the territory in which the project is developed, experiencing a significant change in land use, transforming from a coffee plantation to an urban development;  Aware of the challenge, the project collaborated closely with the Business Alliance for Development (AED) and the Agency for German Development Cooperation (GIZ) in Costa Rica, to implement the Guide for Biodiversity Management in Business (2019 ).

    Goals and indicators

     This commitment translates into a comprehensive work plan, with goals and indicators for the period 2021-2023, which includes various key actions, including:

    • Solarization of 1,300 m2 with the aim of eliminating an invasive species, elephant grass (Pennisetumpurpureum), as part of the riparian area rehabilitation plan.
    • 529 trees and 188 native shrubs were planted in public spaces, protection areas and other areas of the Aleste project.
    • 137 people from the community participated in citizen science activities, a program that involves the broader community in scientific research and data collection.
    • Creation and operation of a nursery with more than 6,000 trees of 67 native species.
    • Creation of biodiversity baseline (birds, amphibians, reptiles and macroinvebrates).
    • Preparation of the Forest Rehabilitation Plan.
    • Start of actions for the conservation of the endemic species Costa Rican Finch (Melozonecabanisi) in alliance with the Cabanisi Project Foundation.
    • The alliance was established with the María Aguilar Interurban Biological Corridor (CBIMA).

    Additional actions

     In addition to these actions, Aleste, in alliance with the Parque La Libertad Foundation and the Central Conservation Area – SINAC, coordinated training on urban wildlife management, citizen science workshops and beetle and bird counting, among other topics.  As well as, held meetings to transversally integrate sustainability into all project communications.

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