Attention Outdoor Lovers! You likely know that Costa Rica offers a wealth of natural beauty to explore, but have you ever considered going on a camping trip in Costa Rica? If not, you may want to reconsider that decision after reading this Costa Rica Camping Guide by Anna Riedel-Jahn and Lucas T. Jahn.

The German filmmaker couple has travelled Costa Rica extensively off the beaten path and produced a popular travel documentary about their trip. Now they have compiled their experience into a lovingly designed travel guide, that helps others to make the most of their Costa Rica camping trip.

On 170 pages the camping guide features:

  • Detailed information on 28 campsites in Costa Rica
  • An introduction to offroad driving
  • 16 great offroad trails in Costa Rica
  • 4 must-have apps
  • A packing list
  • Bucket list items
  • A four-week roadtrip itinerary

If you ever dreamt about falling asleep on one of Costa Rica’s many beaches, a camping trip is a way to go! This travel guide is suited for everybody who wants to explore Costa Rica’s wild side, be it on a weekend trip or on a road trip through the entire country.

You can buy the Costa Rica Camping Guide here:

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