If You Love Camping, Then Costa Rica Is The Place To Go!

Enjoying the great outdoors the Tico style

Costa Rica is known worldwide for having amazing natural landscapes and ideal places for outdoor camping. That is why in this article we will recommend some amazing places where you can camp and admire all that our nation’s great outdoors has to offer.

Manuel Antonio National Park.

Located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the canton of Quepos, province of Puntarenas. It encompasses a rugged jungle, white-sand beaches, and coral reefs. Besides, this park has trails where you can enjoy all the fauna and flora that abound within the place. It is important to know that the only thing fee you must cancel the entrance to it.

In this park you can enjoy private tours, where tour guides can show you all the amazing sites within the park, you can contact these tours at the park entrance where also they can give you all the other information you need. Be careful! and do not make payments to anyone who is on the road before arriving at the entrance because there are people who intend to collect money without having a connection to the park.

What kind of food can I take to the park?

You can bring juices, sodas, mineral water, packed sandwiches, and fruits. You should remember to keep all the waste produced and take the specified collecting sites arranged for it and thus keep the park clean. It is important to know that in this park it is forbidden to enter with any type of alcoholic beverage.

How to get to Manuel Antonio Park?

If you are in San José, you can take a public bus to the park or hire a private taxi service to the place, the distance from San José is 165 kilometers. Also, you have the option of making a national flight from San José to Quepos. If you travel in a group you can also rent a minivan to travel with greater comfort. In Costa Rica there are several lines, we recommend you contact the most recognized and compare prices.

It is worth mentioning that Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Costa Rica and is among the most visited in the country. So feel free to come and enjoy some spectacular days.

The waves on the beach of Montezuma.

The sound of the ocean is the perfect symphony to camp and enjoy the peace and relaxation that the place conveys. Its warm sun and starry nights are perfect to stay up at night to admire the pristine cosmos. Remember that camping in this place has no cost. We recommend you bring along fresh clothes, bathing suits, drinking water, sunscreen, repellent, sandals, food, and a good attitude to have a great time.

One of the visitors to this park commented, “We stayed camping without knowing what it would be like, it is a beautiful beach with incredible views, you can walk along the beach and run into paths through the jungle, you can also walk up the river to have beautiful views of small waterfalls”.

How to get there?

From San José go to Puntarenas and then take the Ferry to Paquera, then drive on the road towards Cóbano, once there, take the detour to Montezuma, continue along the road for about 6.5 km to reach the beach.

Arenal Lake

This lake is located specifically in the North Zone of Costa Rica, right on the slopes of the Arenal Volcano. Camping at the foot of the Volcano is ideal for enjoying sunsets in the mountains, colors that are reflected in the lake along with the tip of the Volcano, cool nights watching the stars. It is a unique and magical place to be outdoors. Arenal Lake is the largest in Costa Rica with an area of 88 km² and a length of 42 km². It is the main supplier of hydroelectric power in the country and all of Central America.

La Fortuna of San Carlos.

There are many fun activities you can do in this place, for example, you can enjoy the hot springs coming from the inside of the Arenal Volcano. Immersing yourself in the hot springs will make you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated, thanks to the minerals present in the volcanic waters. Also, you can improve your health, cleansing the blood by eliminating toxins through perspiration, reactivating the metabolism and relaxing the muscles of the body.

Kayaking is also a popular activity in this place, if you enjoy strong physical activity, this activity is ideal while at the same time enjoying a beautiful view of the whole place.

We hope you find this information helpful and be encouraged to camp outdoors in one of these spectacular places. You sure will not regret it.

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