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    Montezuma is a cozy and picturesque village, known for its bohemian atmosphere and the great scenic beauty of its beaches, rivers, and waterfalls. With its landscape of tropical paradise, Montezuma is a perfect destination for all lovers of the beach and nature. The small town is surrounded by hillsides covered by dense forests, where rivers form waterfalls and natural pools. Groups of white-faced monkeys live in the woods and can be easily seen by visitors.

    The Montezuma waterfalls are known to us Costa Ricans for being a true natural monument. Thanks to its impressive conditions they have become a benchmark to enjoy a day of contact with the purest Costa Rican nature and refreshing baths.

    Waterfalls in Montezuma, Costa Rica

    These beautiful waterfalls are hidden in the tropical forests of Montezuma, and they are one of the most important attractions of this beautiful region. They also form a large natural pool where you can swim and relax. Surrounded by tropical forests, the waterfalls are about an hour’s walk from the town of Montezuma. This town is a paradise in itself, so people usually combine the fantastic beaches with hikes to the famous waterfalls in the afternoon.

    “Las Cascadas” is one of the most emblematic attractions in our country. They are composed of 3 separate waterfalls. At the falls, we can find picturesque rainforests, cliffs ideal for diving, and a rope swing suspended in the air. Whether with an appetite for adventure or in search of serenity, we can find it all in this fresh water paradise.

    The 3 waterfalls and their great charm

    The 1st waterfall is the highest of the 3, and for the brave ones. There are several rocks from which to jump. Locals jump effortlessly, but that happens thanks to all the practice they have had before. But if anyone wants to do the same, you have to be very careful and wear shoes resistant to rocks and that does not slip. There are also large pools for swimming, where visitors can refresh, relax, and enjoy the day.

    Brave local making a risky jump over Montezuma’s highest waterfall

    The 2nd waterfall is about 13 meters high and has a lower cliff jumping point. To get there from the 1st waterfall, you will have to climb a path using tree roots and a rope, just to be sure it is worth the effort.

    At only 3 meters high, the 3rd waterfall is best known for its natural pool and cliffs. There is a rope swing that is sure to entertain for hours. From the 2nd fall, you can walk along the paved road next to the parking lot, past the butterfly garden, and head on the dirt road until you find the “old jungle gym”, then left on the only track for reaching the 3rd series of the falls.

    The “Cascadas de Montezuma” has become a good place to spend a great day of adventure for the whole family since it is one of the best attractions that our country has to offer. The start of the trek to these waterfalls is very close to the town.

    However, since there are not many signs, be sure to stay focused or ask for help from a local. Start on the main road of the “Hotel Amor de Mar” beach and walk south until you cross a bridge over the river. Once you pass the bridge, you will see that there is a path to the right, along with the path through the jungle, you will see families of monkeys and colorful birds that accompany your walk. After about 20 minutes, you will reach the 1st and highest waterfall.

    The Montezuma waterfalls are among the 30 most beautiful natural sites in the country. The landscape is particularly interesting and beautiful since the waterfalls form a large pool located inside a steep canyon. Thanks to their privileged position, these waterfalls, which are adjacent to the town of Montezuma, have become one of the main centers of fun for tourists. This is a good place to spend a great time and enjoy with family and friends.

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