Montezuma: A Little Well-Known Secret Waiting for Your Discovery

    A Tropical Paradise Hamlet that Captivates Its Visitors

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    Montezuma is a cozy and picturesque town in Costa Rica, known for its bohemian atmosphere and the great scenic beauty of its beaches, rivers, and waterfalls. Get to know its charm.

    With its landscape of tropical paradise, Montezuma is a perfect destination for all beach and nature lovers. The small town is surrounded by hillsides covered by dense forests, where rivers form waterfalls and natural pools. Groups of white-faced monkeys live in the woods and can be easily seen.

    The town of Montezuma is known by all Costa Ricans for its bohemian character and its fun-loving environment. This bohemian atmosphere is maintained thanks to the sympathy and kindness of its inhabitants, who are known throughout the country for their artistic value.

    Although it is not large, along with its colorful streets you will find endless stalls with diverse local products and organic food, such as delicious fruits. In addition, it has a wide diversity of restaurants and small hotels where you can enjoy a few days relaxed and, above all, enjoyment.

    For decades a multi-ethnic mix of individualists, artists and hippies came to Montezuma in search of an alternative enclave. This is how the anti-cultural style of the village was formed, which in the country is also known as Monte Fuma. The hippo roots of Montezuma are evident in the organic market that takes place every Saturday morning and where you can buy healthy food and crafts, while the musicians gather for jam sessions.

    The atmosphere in the center of Montezuma seems a bit like the Caribbean, with traditional houses of color, traveling artists, and a lively street dynamic. Hotels, restaurants, and beaches are within walking distance. There are many affordable accommodations, along with houses for rent, and hotels geared towards nature observation, or for yoga and health.

    You can enjoy 3 waterfalls here; the 1st waterfall is a paradise for tourists, it is the highest of the 3; and for the brave, there are several rocks to jump from. The locals jump it effortlessly, but that is only because they have had years of practice. If you want to do the same, be careful and wear shoes resistant to rocks and do not slip. There are also large pools for swimming, where visitors can refresh, relax and enjoy the day.

    One of the 3 waterfalls in Montezuma; an ideal place to practice yoga and meditation

    The second waterfall is about 13 meters high and has a lower cliff jumping point. To get there from the 1st waterfall, you will have to climb a path using tree roots and a rope, but rest assured that it is worth the effort. At only 3 meters high, the 3rd waterfall is best known for its natural pool and cliffs. There is a rope swing that is sure to entertain for hours. From the 2nd fall, walk along the paved road next to the parking lot, past the butterfly garden, and head on the dirt road until you find the ancient so-called jungle gym. Then turn left on the only track to reach the third series of falls. The Cascades of Montezuma become a great day of adventure for the whole family since it is one of the best attractions that the country has to offer.

    The main point of the nightlife is Chico’s Bar in the center of Montezuma. The outdoor bar has a dance floor and overlooks the street on one side and the sea on the other. If you prefer more tranquility choose a place in front of the beach to enjoy the breeze and views of the Gulf of Nicoya. One such night can be even more romantic before and during the full moon when the moon rises over the continental part of Costa Rica behind the Gulf.

    A large number of agencies and hotels can be found in Montezuma, these offer activities and tours to places of interest. A day trip goes to Turtle Island and includes diving in crystal clear waters. Another popular tour is the canopy through the Montezuma waterfall. Other options are a boat tour to fish, horseback riding on the beach, surfing or doing yoga at one of the Montezuma hotels. Nature lovers should take advantage of a visit to Cabo Blanco, the oldest Nature Reserve in our country, located 9 km south of Montezuma.

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