A Senior Canadian Man Learned To Curl His Ailing Wife’s Hair

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    Believe it or not! It has been the same hairdressers of the establishment who have shared this endearing and admirable story, with the aim of making viral the gesture of unconditional and selfless love that this older man has had with his wife so that she continues to look good.

    For love you do anything, even something you have never done or what you hate the most in life. That is why this elderly Canadian decided to approach his nearest hairdresser to ask them to teach him, despite his advanced age, how to curl hair so that he could do it to his wife.

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    Her wife had always liked to show off her hair with very marked curls but, for some time now, the loss of mobility that the passage of the years brings had prevented her from doing it herself. Even her husband had noticed that the few times she tried do it to herself, she ended up burning a strand. That was why she had stopped curling her hair.

    If his wife can no longer do it, he will learn…

    In the pandemic that caused the start of the health crisis due to Covid-19, when hairdressers had to stay open, it was when this problem that many people face when they reach an advanced age began to be given importance and made visible, where many of the care routines that were carried out become uncomfortable and difficult to do.

    Knowing how important it was for his wife to see himself with these curls in her hair, this elderly man has not doubted it twice and decided to be the one to do it himself, even if he had to learn something from him that never had. So he went to Hair Design by Britney and asked for their help.

    This gesture of selfless and unconditional love has gone around the world

    The hairdressers were so amazed by this admirable and tender gesture that they decided to share it on the hairdresser’s social networks on Facebook and Instagram, where thousands of users have shared this endearing story that has gone around the world: “This charming gentleman came today to learn to curl his wife’s hair. His wife cannot curl her own hair and it often gets burned, so she went to the plate and learned how to curl her hair. We had the pleasure of teaching her! Voluminous curls on short hair, protect her skin from burns, and we even teach her how to put on mascara”.

    The hairdressers shared all their secrets with the old Canadian man to curl his hair and also some basic care, so that he could make his wife look the way she always liked, even with eye mascara, a technique with which not everything the inexperienced world dares to do.

    Undoubtedly, such an act demonstrates the unconditional and selfless love that is achieved when in adulthood, at a time when some of the activities that you have always done become difficult; that is when you are fortunate to have your partner, or family members, by your side to help you continue to feel good.

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