A Costa Rican Pre-Columbian Sphere is Neighbor of the Obama Family and Jeff Bezos in Washington

    The diplomatic headquarters of Costa Rica in Washington is owned by the Costa Rican State

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    The Kalorama neighborhood, in Washington, is home to residents ranging from former US President Barack Obama to the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, passing through a pre-Columbian sphere of southern Costa Rica.

    Nearly 30 embassies of Central American, African and European countries are also located in that area of ​​the US capital.One of those diplomatic delegations is that of Costa Rica, located on a corner near Florida and Connecticut Avenues.

    The exposed brick building stands out with its four levels that divide the Embassy, ​​the Consulate and the representation of the country before the Organization of American States (OAS).But it also stands out because its garden is decorated with stone sculpture.

    Those who pass in front of the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington can enjoy an open-air museum piece. It arrived there in the 1970s, when the framework for archaeological protection was different. At that time, three copies were sent to the United States: two would go to an art park in Pennsylvania and the other to the embassy.Currently, only this is still on display, being one of the hallmarks of Costa Rica against the United States.

    More neighbors of the sphere

    The Costa Rican Embassy shares the neighborhood with dozens of other diplomatic headquarters. Following the same sidewalk it is possible to locate those of Laos and Burma; while just around the corner are those of Croatia and Cameroon.

    Across the street is the Embassy of Albania and in the surroundings also the flags of Haiti, Kenya, Armenia and Guatemala indicate that their diplomatic offices are there.A few houses from the Costa Rican embassy is also the place where former president Woodrow Wilson, promoter of the League of Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner, lived.

    Figures such as judges of the United States Supreme Court, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Ivanka Trump, who served as an adviser in her father’s government, have also settled in Kalorama.

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