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    Looking to expand your student skills is a great first step towards success. As a student, you must get out of your comfort zone and constantly look for growth opportunities. Researching the best online courses to become further specialized in your field of interest or develop a new hobby is a great plan of attack. You never know when and how you could use these skills in the future.

    With technology developing so quickly, you can know practice your skills and learn new ones from the comfort of your own home. Thank you for taking time to become a better version of yourself. Here is a list of five of the best online courses you could take.

    1. Platform: EdX, Course: Introduction to Kabbalah

    Length: 5 weeks

    Effort: 3-5 hrs. per week

    Subject: Humanities

    EdX is a great online platform where you can take however many classes you want. All you have to is create an account and most of the online classes are free. This course is one of the most popular on their website and one of the most appreciated. In Introduction to Kabbalah, you’ll learn about esoteric practices and mystic Jewish traditions. You will understand where the Tree of Life actually comes from, and how the major and minor arcana are connected.

    You will also get more information on how Kabbalah has developed as a tradition throughout the years. You’ll learn about its main figures and schools, not to mention texts and stories. The cultural tradition of Kabbalah will also be explained to you. To give you an example, some of the topics you’ll learn about are, The Kabbalistic Theory of the Divine Structure, The Dynamics within the Sephirot, or Human Influence on the Divine.

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    • Platform: EdX, Course: C Programming, Getting Started

    Length: 5 weeks

    Effort: 2-4 hours per week

    Subject: Computer Science

    If you want to take on some Computer Science classes, this is the best place for you. Start learning C programming language, since this is one of the most widely used computer languages in the world. This class is taught by Dartmouth University and is free for students worldwide.

    Learning Computer Science is one of the best decisions you could’ve ever taken. That’s because today, our world revolves around technology and computer, so why not learn more about it? You don’t have to make this a career, but you can at least get the gist of what’s happening behind the scenes.

    You’ll learn how to write your first C programming codes and print the results on your screen. You’ll also work with variables and repeat the coding instructions using C rules and loops. This is a great start for any student interested in programming!

    • Platform: Udemy, Course: Machine Learning A-Z, Hands-On Python & R in Data Science

    This class is for anyone interested in Machine Learning. If you are passionate about it, it’s definitely time to start pursuing your dream. In this course, you’ll learn everything about data preprocessing, regressions, classification, clustering, association rule learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing or NLP, deep learning, dimensionality reduction, and model selection and boosting.

    Don’t get scared by the use of complicated words, this class will take you through the whole process and teach you all the terms step by step. You don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this class is not free but it’s 91% off at this moment. It’s an exciting opportunity to learn something new, especially in this era where everything traces back to computers. Since the class is designed by scientists, their knowledge is worth taking in.

    You can learn how to make accurate predictions, use Machine Learning for personal purposes, or establish new Machine Learning models. You could also learn how to make powerful analyses or handle advanced Machine Learning techniques.

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    • Platform: Coursera, Course: Learning How to Learn, Powerful Mental tools to Help you Master Tough Subjects

    Tough subjects are hard to handle, even when you’re a pro. Learning information in smaller chunks and dividing them into manageable pieces is therefore crucial. This is just one of the things that you’ll learn by taking this class (but there’s so much more!).

    You’ll understand the numerous ways in which you can learn how to learn and get access to many powerful mental tools that’ll help you succeed in school. You will also learn how to write fast and consult with Writix essay service on your technique, if necessary. You will soon become structured and well-organized!

    This class is free, so the only thing you should be worried about is writing down the information you’ve received. This class is worth taking, no matter whether you’re in high-school or studying for your PhD.

    • Platform: Springboard, Course: Digital Marketing Career Track

    You can take the Digital Marketing Career Track class to get prepped for your dream job and apply what you’ve learned to real business cases. On this platform, you’ll get a student advisor, an instructor, access to the student community, and a career coach.

    By the end of this class, you will know how to think like a digital marketer and how to experiment based on your personal approach. You’ll be aware of the specialized tactics used in digital marketing and be able to display them with confidence. You will also be able to make decisions based on data and drive web traffic to your webpage. You will learn how to ace your digital marketing interview and get started on this path.

    Wrapping Up

    You could literally choose any field of interest from all the above and it’ll still be a step forward. Discovering new passions, improving existent skills, or taking on a new ability is crucial in this era of continuous expansion. If you want to be off to a great career start, create a new healthy habit each day.

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