Cartago Entrepreneur Creates Horticultural Company From Scratch and Now is About to Export Products

    It’s a shinning example of Tico entrepreneurship

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    Intelligence and success are not strictly linked to a university degree, but rather Luis Guillermo Angulo Molina, 35, who, with only the sixth grade of school and with daily and constant work, managed to have his own company, AgricultoresdelGuarco. Agmol SA, which today cultivates 85 hectares of vegetables and is on the verge of starting to export its products.

    Angulo’s dream of placing vegetables outside the country is about to come true despite the fact that they are products with little projection in exports according to data from the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer). But that does not take away the dream of Luis Guillermo, who focuses on achieving five certifications to conquer foreign markets.

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    Angulo manages the 85 hectares in production, monitors with its collaborators the production of the seed of all products: lettuce, sweet pepper, tomato, onion, chives, coriander, celery, among others. In addition, he controls the packaging because the products from all the farms must reach the company located in the Cartago canton of Tobosi.

    Creativity amid the crisis

    The previous year was one of contrasts for Luis Guillermo; In the midst of the Pandemic and with sales in the red, he resigned as a Walmart supplier, but he fulfilled one of his wishes: they approved a loan to buy his own farm, because until that moment he cultivated on rented land. Thus, he added 15 hectares of his own to the 70 that he kept in cultivation with the rental system in his company.

    Today he delivers his production to VegetalesFresquita, which in turn places it in restaurant chains, hospitals and other clients. In addition, he sells his products to wholesale markets such as Cenada and to intermediaries.

    Humble beginnings

    From an early age, Luis Guillermo felt a fascination for a horticultural farm owned by some friends, so he started working in that place that became his best study center because there he learned about crops, marketing, how to negotiate with customers and how to design one. buyer portfolio. At the age of 17 he began his adventure along the route of agricultural commercialization in the Wholesale Market, in La Lima de Cartago.

    His “debut” was not what was expected, that night he only sold 25 thousand colones. Far from being discouraged and beginning to question whether he was correct, the young man continued to strive and a year later Angulo stopped being a collaborator to become a marketer, already with a group of farmers who sold him their products so that he could take them to the market.

    Guillermo hopes that in less than five years the Finca El Sueño will be full of greenhouses and with all its production placed in the foreign market.

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