Virtual Meeting Between an Entrepreneurial Tica Girl and a Costa Rican Scientist from NASA

    The future of Costa Rica is assured with young talents in Science and Technology

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    There is no dream that is unattainable if you put all the effort into achieving it. This is the goal of the 13-year-old Victoria González, who aspires to one day work at NASA. An undertaking which she wants to carry out starting with seeking to raise enough money for attending, next year, a space camp in which she will share the same dream with boys and girls from all over the world.

    Virtual meeting

    In order to give her a source of inspiration and motivate her even more to achieve that goal, a meeting between Victoria and Sandra Cauffman, the Costa Rican specialist in Electrical and Physical Engineering distinguished by her work in that aerospace agency was coordinated. The virtual meeting was held on Monday to commemorate International Women’s Day.

    Thanks to this link, Victoria and Sandra Cauffman discussed her experience at the position. In addition, the scientist gave her some recommendations so that the young woman can continue to build her goal. In gratitude for the time and advice she gave, Victoria took the initiative to give the specialist a bracelet with a large star, this in order to keep another bracelet with a smaller star.

    Thus, when she achieves her dream of arriving at NASA, they will be able to unite both stars in confirmation of her dream come true. “We are proud to offer these types of opportunities to inspiring women who, since they are girls, seek with total dedication to fulfill their dreams, especially those focused on STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics, for its acronym in English), a branch that promises to be the future”, said Carlos Fernández, the event’s coordinator.

    “It is an honor being able to be an active part of these stories and to highlight the perseverance of determined and empowered women like Victoria and Mrs. Sandra, for achieving all that they set out to do,” he added.

    Dream of NASA

    Victoria González is 13 years old and dreams of working at NASA and as one of the first steps to fulfill it, she obtained a place in Space Camp, that takes place in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, which is located in Huntsville, Alabama.

    This center provides the opportunity for children from all over the world to participate for a place in its program and be part of the curriculum that includes missions from both NASA and private sector space companies.

    To complement this opportunity, she and her family started an enterprise called Victoria Bracelets CR. This initiative will allow you to raise funds to cover her trip to the camp and thus, get closer to her dream.

    Innovative idea for fulfilling the goal

    “Victoria is a brave and dreamy girl, she wants to work for NASA one day. An important step forward is that they accepted her in this special camp that they do there. They gave her a slot for March 2022 and from there the idea of doing an undertaking that could support her financially was born. After several attempts, we finalized in the option of selling bicycle chain link charm bracelets. It’s something innovative and I know it will help Victoria achieve her dream,” said Carlos González, Victoria’s father.

    The bracelets are made by a Venezuelan designer, based in the United States, named Karla Heredia. She, along with her husband, gave all the support to Victoria González and her family, so that they began the commercialization of this product in Costa Rica. All the support given to Victoria will allow her to add hope and efforts to achieve her dream.

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