4 American Tourists Died in Overturning of Boats in Quepos

Up to Now, Local Authorities Have Not Had Communication with the Tourist Operator

A group of 4 American tourists died, yesterday afternoon, during an aquatic accident in the Naranjo River in Naranjito, Quepos, when overturning the rafts in which they practiced rafting.

The information was confirmed by personnel of the Red Cross and the Public Force, after giving a press conference in which they also reported the rescue of 13 people -in which there are 3 tour guides- and the disappearance of a kayaker of the company.

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“We talked about 18 people who were in these rafts, 4 dead, 13 in good condition, and one person who is missing”, said the National Deputy Director of Risk Management of the Red Cross, Luis Guzmán

The identities of the victims have not transcended, but the Red Cross reported that most of them are Americans. Guzmán added that those rescued were medically evaluated at the site and their transfer to hospitals was not required.

The detail of how the accident occurred is not clear at the moment. However, the local authorities reported that the flow of the river was increasing.

Daniel Calderón, director of the Public Force, said they have not had communication with the representatives of the tour operator. “We have not managed to hire those responsible for the company, what we have is information that we have collected with some of the guides who were there and were rescued”, said Calderón.

For the time being, due to the lack of lighting, the search tasks were suspended, which would be continued today at the earliest hour.



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