31 Years Ago the Alajuela Earthquake Altered Christmas in Costa Rica

    The earthquake transformed the canyon of the Virilla River

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    On December 22, but 1990, the country registered one of its historic earthquakes.The earthquake originated in the Piedras Negras de Mora sector, but there were two places that suffered the most from the impact: Puriscal and Alajuela.

    According to the records of the National Seismological Network, the event was registered at 11:27 in the morning and had a magnitude of 5.7.The earthquake is attributed one death and a hundred injured.

    Much material damage

    “Between 268 and 300 houses totally or partially damaged in San José, Alajuela and Heredia. About five public and commercial buildings were affected to varying degrees. As a result of the main earthquake, there were damages such as falling reels, broken glass, objects falling from the shelves, etc. At the Garita de Alajuela, the road cracked,”the official RSN report indicated.

    Added to this are geological effects that included landslides and subsidence in Puriscal.In addition, the earthquake transformed the canyon of the Virilla River, by fragmenting the rocks that formed its walls.
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